Not only Roman Abramovich can afford doroguschy toys bought with petrodollars. Now a luxury yacht is the president Medvedev. The yacht is called Sirius, or just Sirius, if in Russian, before it was known as Leo Fun. Since the FSO believes that the price of the yacht - a state secret, the price can only be called exemplary. So, the yacht Sirius, which was bought by the Office of Presidential Affairs, is worth about $ 40 million. Press secretary of the administration of President Viktor Khrekov said that the president will take on his vessel dignitaries Olympics 2014 The yacht is not new, previously anyone could rent it for 350 thousand dollars a week. Guests Dmitry will meet on the deck with a Jacuzzi for 6 people, in the gym or in the dining room for 14 people with a barbecue and bar. Cabins are equipped with the latest technology, wireless internet access, ultra-modern furniture and shower. Maximum speed Siriuasa -17 knots. Now let's take a look inside.