Country music star Taylor Swift has tongues wagging with a potential match up with "Glee's" star Chord Overstreet.

The pair were photographed at the LA Kings Hockey game. A source tells US Magazine, "They looked pretty good together.

Chord has reportedly laughed off the rumor telling USA Today,

"The thing is, I have tons of friends I hang out with and if you get your picture taken with anyone, all of a sudden you're dating."

Swift hinte recently that it's tough for her to develop a tough skin around the constant media attention and mean attacks:

“I’m not stronger than anybody else. I feel everything that happens to me, whether it’s a mean comment from a friend or a stranger,” she said. “At no point in this process did I grow a thick skin.

“I’ve learned that I respect people less when they scream and yell. So when I’m mad, I try to keep the volume level of my voice really even.

“It’s more impressive if you can remain calm when you’re mad than if you lose control. I just hate the idea of taking my emotions out on other people. You know what I mean?”