After the wedding gown, what tops the bride's checklist? The wedding cake, of course! We rounded up some of the most amazing creations from bakers who labor over these decorative and decadent custom cakes. If you're a bride-to-be on the hunt for your own wedding cake, or just a fan of incredibly intricate cake designs, you will be amazed at these beautiful and creative custom wedding cakes.

Are these cakes just a bit too girlie for your groom-to-be? Then be sure to check out our eye-catching roundup of astounding groom's cakes.

Sugar Blooms and Branches    

In homage to the hydrangeas, cabbage roses, and calla lilies the bride chose for her wedding decor, Amy Beck re-created the blooms out of sugar, as well as an intricate system of sugar branches to anchor them.

Iridescent in Orchid    

Edible iridescent orchid pink pearl dust and a hand-piped floral design give this cake its unique beauty. The tiers feature Tahitian vanilla cake with strawberry, white chocolate, and lemon mousseline and dark chocolate cake with espresso, bittersweet chocolate, and hazelnut mousseline.

From Russia with Love    

With a nod to the bride's Russian ancestry, cakemaker Yvette Humbert crafted this confection in blue, white, and gold. Each tier represents a plate from the bride's antique Russian china set with blue fondant-covered dummy tiers in between.
Mountain Adventure    

This outdoorsy couple requested a mountainous cake for their wedding reception on Bear Mountain in upstate New York. Embracing the nature theme, sugar artist Penny Stankiewicz decorated the pumpkin cake with caramel buttercream in autumn mountain colors, sugar-paste flowers and ivy, and blue sugar shards.
Luck o' the Irish    

Cakes by Suzy entered this Celtic stained-glass-style wedding cake into the "Let Them Eat Cake" charity competition in 2009, benefiting City of Hope. The top tier, complete with a handmade, edible gold cross topper, was auctioned off, along with her accompanying leprechaun groom's cake.

Must Love Travel    

What kind of wedding cake do you get when an air traffic controller marries a C-130 aircraft navigator? An aviation-themed compass cake, of course! It took Rick Reichart of cakelava 10 hours to create this strawberries-chantilly confection, presented on a map of significant destinations of the bride and groom.

Autumn Splendor    

As a natural extension of the season's beauty, Dianne Rockwell created this pumpkin buttercream tiered cake tiled in chocolate mosaic. The edible display of autumn splendor features handmade sugar-paste fall leaves and pumpkins.
Lucky in Love    

A Vegas couple scored the jackpot with this popular Freed's Bakery's cake originally designed for July 7, 2007. Get it? Lucky number 7/7/7. The flashy cake, which includes edible poker chips and a "Married in Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, can be ordered in a variety of flavors including Light White Cake with Bavarian Cream and Sun Lemon with Raspberry Mousse.

Violet and Gold Lace    

Cakemaker Yvette Humbert covered each tier of this intricate bohemian-style cake with a layer of purple fondant, followed by a pattern of appliqué fondant lace brushed in gold luster dust. She crafted the crowning gold dome topper of the same edible lace.

Indian Chic    

Rick Richart, who co-owns cake lava with his wife, Sasha, designed this colorful sculpted-pillow wedding cake with handcrafted accent pieces for a yoga instructor's tropical wedding. To tie in the Hawaiian component, the bride chose guava and mango flavors for her cake.
Romantic and Rosy    

Kristine Bender's Bride and Groom Silhouette Cake features a fondant-covered almond cake with custom silhouette plaque, black and white ribbons, and sugar sweet peas, anemones, and ranunculus. To complement the pink theme, the cake is layered with strawberry cream.

Hawaii Ink
Bride and groom tattoo artists requested this stylized koi fish- and wave-tattoo cake for their 70-person wedding. Cakelava's Rick Reichart designed the Kona Toffee Crunch-flavored cake in white, black, and gray to mimic the inky colors of the profession the couple shares.
Clock Tower of Love    

The bride and groom were musicians who met in London and moved there after the wedding. They wanted the cake to display their love of music and the city that brought them together.

Runway Bride    

Thirty-four hours of handiwork and a 500-mile commute from San Francisco to Palm Springs, CA, made this dream wedding cake a reality for the founder of San Francisco Fashion Week. The four-tiered, 20-foot, 50-pound, Moroccan-Chic cake was created for her runway-themed nuptials.

Make Mine Moroccan    

A Moroccan-born bride who loves bright colors inspired this cheerful wedding cake created by Cakes by Sam, a 2009 Brides Choice Award-winner on Every adornment on this pink-and orange stunner is handcrafted from fondant.
Something Spooky?    

Colette Peters, who earned a master's degree in painting and worked as a designer for Tiffany & Co., started Colette's Cakes in 1989. Her artistic background is evident in this whimsical nod to Tim Burton's haunting classic animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Bedazzled Beauty    

In her quest for the ultimate wedding cake, the bride requested that each tier of her cake be a different shape and that the entire confection be dripping with crystals and jewels. Mission accomplished! The cake is iced in buttercream, and the flowers are all hand-molded gum paste.

The "Wow!" Cake    

For the bride (and her mother) who wanted an ooh-and-ahh-producing cake comes this romantic, eight-tiered colossus. Sam and her helper spent more than 1 1/2 hours applying the pink gum-paste roses once they'd delivered the cake to the reception venue.

Edible Adobe    

Designed for lovers of the Southwest, this unique wedding cake depicts traditional Pueblo dwellings. Iced in sunbaked adobe-colored buttercream with desert turquoise buttercream accents, the multitiered cake features realistic gum-paste wooden ladders and stick structures.

Retro Charm    

Yes, you too can have Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman design your wedding cake. His unconventional style is perfect for those brides looking for the wild imaginings of a pastry rebel.

Pretty as a Peacock    

This stunner features five stacked tiers of vanilla and chocolate cake with floral separators of sugar flowers that include deep coral peonies and white cherry blossoms. The sugar peacock perched on the top tier was inspired by the motif of the wedding reception.
Wedding Wonder of the World    

A confectionary wonder, the entirely edible Taj Mahal cake was created over a two-week period to honor the bride and groom's Indian heritage. Cardboard mailing tubes provided the form for the brick-patterned gum-paste towers that surround this 65-pound white velvet cake with fresh key lime filling.


Matt Lewis of Matty Cakes Bakery created this frosted feat of alternative angles known as the Topsy Turvy Cake. Four tiers defy gravity while displaying intricate surface sugar designs and fluffy frosting detailing.

Bananas for Victorian    

With a keen eye for architectural detail, Confetti Cakes modeled this chocolate ganache-layered banana cake after the wedding venue: a Victorian mansion. The colored frosting on the shutters and accents matches the paint chips used in remodeling the real thing.

cake for a Valentine's Day bridal show. Suzy thought it would be fun to explore the Valentine's Day theme and so

X's and O's are worth a thousand words. Or so says Suzy of Cakes by Suzy, who designed the 100-serving XOXO came up with this pink-and-brown ode to lovers' code.
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