Billionaires in the making
Billionaires in the making. These days everybody’s talking about this youngest self-made billionaire. But check out some of the talented folks who are hot on his heels.

Part owner of this NBA team, he’s got a clothing line and is co-founder of a record company. Add his superstar wife, and they are one of the top-earning couples around. It won’t be long before he adds “billionaire” to his list of accomplishments.
Mark Pincus

Never heard of Zynga? If you’re on the top social networking site, you definitely know the company’s games, which include “Mafia Wars” and an über-popular game. CEO Mark Pincus attended an Ivy League institution and is on his way to achieving billionaire status.
Michael Jordan

This retired basketball player is an example of how being a brand can be extremely lucrative. How much does he make per year in endorsements alone? The baller legend is also a majority owner of this league team and this motorcycling club.
Jerry Bruckheimer

Even if you haven’t heard of this film and TV producer, you’ve likely seen his work, including this popular crime series. What were his annual reported earnings in 2007 when he was the 10th-highest money earner?
Eric Lefkofsky

This entrepreneur and professor began his career selling carpet at this school. A high-profile business magazine named him one of 2011′s new billionaires. He co-founded a company that has been called the fastest-growing company in history.
William Ackman

This major investor, founder and CEO of this hedge fund once owned 10 percent of the corporation that runs a big box store. He’s held significant portions of a major bookseller and was angling to buy out another.
Sean Parker

The co-founder and first president of this social networking site, he was portrayed by a famous singer-actor in an Oscar-nominated movie. At age 16 he was arrested for this.
Dennis Gillings

Chairman and CEO of this pharmaceutical services company, Gillings also has been involved in biotech and was a longtime professor at this university.
Tiger Woods

Despite his well-publicized behavior, this golf legend is likely to be the first billionaire athlete, thanks in part to his endorsements.
Craig Newmark

The Internet entrepreneur founded a classifieds website that almost killed off daily newspapers.
James Cameron

This film director, screenwriter and inventor, a native of this country, is best known for a historic blockbuster film and the highest-grossing movie to date.
Tyler Perry

This actor and director released his first film in 1995 and had a hit with a TV comedy. He has a new star-studded film in the works.
Reid Hoffman

An entrepreneur and former computer executive, the founder of a business-oriented social networking site did his undergrad work at an Ivy League university. He earned his master’s in philosophy from another prestigious university.
Jerry Seinfeld

His semiautobiographical TV show was one of the most successful sitcoms in the history of American television.
Ray R. Irani

The chairman and CEO of an oil company had a life sciences building named after him at this school.