Celebrity mug shots
Celebrity mug shots. Caught without makeup and lighting teams, celebrities pose for mug shots at vulnerable moments. Among the latest celebrity arrests are an action star and a quirky viral video singer; check out theirs and other memorable booking photos.
Antoine Dodson
Who: Hide ya kids! He became a reality sensation as the star of a 2010 viral video about a break-in at his sister's apartment.

When: April 23, 2011

Where:Huntsville, Ala.

Why: Alleged possession of an illegal drug

Rap sheet: Failed to appear in traffic court
Nicolas Cage
Who: Movie star who recently made a huge find (the latest accusation?)

When: April 15, 2011

Where:New Orleans

Why: After a few too many drinks,allegedly got a little testy with his wife and police (watch coverage)

Rap sheet:Tax troubles; Romanian rant
Jaime Pressly
Who: Actress-model best known for playing a petty criminal on a TV comedy series

When: Jan. 5, 2011

Where: Santa Monica, Calif.

Why: Suspicion of driving under the influence

Rap sheet: Otherwise, squeaky-clean
Gucci Mane
Who: American rapper

When: April 8, 2011
Where: Atlanta

Why: Allegedly shoved a woman out of a moving vehicle

Rap sheet: Time in jail for assault; murder charge
Lindsay Lohan

Who: Actress from "Mean Girls" and what else?

When: Feb. 9, 2011

Where:Los Angeles

Why: Charged with felony grand theft

Rap sheet: Probation for a 2007 charge; rehab; her many mug shots
Andy Dick
Who: Co-star of radio-station sitcom; co-star of TV-show sitcom

When: Jan. 23, 2010

Where: Huntington, W.Va.

Why: Alleged groping of two women’s genitals

Rap sheet: Drug possession; reality-TV rehab; unsanitary public act
Gary Coleman
Who: Iconic sitcom star with famous catch phrase; recently died.

When: Jan. 24, 2010

Where: Santaquin, Utah

Why: Alleged domestic violence

Rap sheet: Rammed a fan; was sitcom cursed?
Leif Garrett
Who: 1970s teen idol and singer

When: Feb. 1, 2010

Where: Los Angeles

Why: Heroin possession charge; reportedly told cops he hid drugs here

Rap sheet: Drug-related charges; serious 1979 accident, TV rehab
Brian Bonsall
Who: Youngest son, Andy, on family sitcom

When: Feb. 19, 2010

Where: Boulder, Colo.

Why: Allegedly using illegal substance; his explanation

Rap sheet: Assault charges; mug shots with insect tattoo on neck
Dustin Winesberry
Who: Transient; mug shot won dubious distinction; cop’s reaction?

When: April 4, 2010

Where: Boulder, Colo.

Why: Second-degree trespass charge; alleged aggressive behavior

Rap sheet: Registered sexual offender
Lawrence Taylor
Who: Hall of Fame football player (here’s why); reality-TV contestant

When: May 6, 2010

Where: Ramapo, N.J.

Why: Serious charge involving a young woman; his plea?

Rap sheet: Suspended by NFL; substance abuse
Marion “Suge” Knight
Who: Record label founder; discovered rap superstar; mogul

When: May 20, 2010

Where: Los Angeles

Why: Allegedly did something threatening; team of cops at arrest
Rap sheet: Assault and weapons conviction; imprisoned for parole violations
Jani Lane
Who: Hair-band rocker; “Cherry Pie” video; slimmed-down on reality TV

When: May 9, 2010

Where: Woodland Hills, Calif.

Why: Alleged DUI; he reportedly knew the cop

Rap sheet: Rock star excess
Chris Klein
Who: “American Pie” jock; ex-fiancĂ© of famous actress

When: June 16, 2010

Where: Los Angeles

Why: Alleged DUI

Rap sheet: Previous DUI arrest; repeat might mean gizmo installed in car
Amy Locane
Who: Prime-time soap actress; her character?

When: June 27, 2010

Where: Montgomery, N.J.

Why: Indicted on aggravated manslaughter charge; could face decades in prison

Rap sheet: Appears clean otherwise
Vince Neil
Who: Singer for iconic hard rockers; owns inky business

When: June 27, 2010

Where: Las Vegas

Why: Drunken-driving charge; his over-the-top car?

Rap sheet: Fatal 1984 DUI accident
Chace Crawford
Who: “Gossip Girl” studlet; ex-BF of country singer

When: June 4, 2010

Where: Plano, Texas

Why:Possession of marijuana charge; possible sentence?

Rap sheet: Otherwise, squeaky clean
Gary Faulkner
Who: Construction worker on revenge mission; see “Letterman” clip

When: Oct. 6, 2010

Where: Cedar Creek County, Colo.

Why: Suspicion of domestic violence

Rap sheet: Arrested in Pakistan for vigilante effort
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
Who: “Jersey Shore” cast member; anti-tax advocate, hair trendsetter

When: July 30, 2010
Where: Seaside Heights, the Garden State

Why: Disorderly conduct arrest

Rap sheet: There reportedly was that banned-from-TV bar fight ...
Richard Heene
Who: Deceitful dad in headline-grabbing hoax; wannabe infomercial star

When: Sept. 3, 2010

Where: Bradenton, Fla.

Why: Family moved, had to register with authorities (why?)

Rap sheet: Terrified nation; served time, paying restitution
Randy and Evi Quaid
Who: He’s an actor she’s his wife

When: Sept. 18, 2010

Where: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Why: Accused of illegally squatting, in a building they knew well

Rap sheet: Fled to another country; the full story is complicated.
David Cassidy
Who: Teen idol on musical sitcom; stepson to musical actress

When: Nov. 3, 2010

Where: Florida Turnpike, St. Lucie County

Why: Suspicion of DUI; what kind of car does he drive?

Rap sheet: Cops reportedly found incriminating evidence in his car