Kate’s plan to wear hair down draws ire

Kate Middleton is at risk of alienating female members of the royal family if she breaks with tradition and wears her hair down when she marries Prince William, multiple sources told Yahoo! on Tuesday.

Royal brides have historically kept their hair neatly bound instead of flowing down their shoulders, but according to her personal stylist, Kate is expected to stick with her usual look at Westminster Abbey.

Yet that move may not meet with the approval of several influential royals, after long-haired brides like the queen's daughter Princess Anne, Viscountess Linley, and Lady Sarah Chatto all put their hair up.

"It is a strange custom and you wouldn't think it should matter," a source close to the royal family told Yahoo! "But there is a strong feeling, especially among the older royals, that things should be done a certain way. This is one of those things and it will be quite a bold move if [Kate] goes against it."

A second source believed that the theory against leaving the hair down was so that "she does not hog all the spotlight, which is faintly ridiculous given that the bride is supposed to be the center of attention."

But with the eyes of the world due to be upon her, it looks likely that Kate will stick with her decision to go with the look that she feels suits her best.

Before she heads to Westminster Abbey on Friday morning, Kate will have her hair tended to by the staff of salon owner Richard Ward, led by chief stylist James Pryce.

"It will 100 percent be down and flowy," Ward told the Daily Telegraph. "Every bride's hair should reflect their look throughout the year. Kate is such a natural girl, so no stuffy do-ups for her."