Sued celebrities
Stars are often targets of lawsuits, and it’s up to the courts to determine their validity. The accusations include harassment, failure to pay bills and other no-nos.
Britney Spears lawsuit
Britney Spears is facing a lawsuit by former running buddy Sam Lutfi to get the results of a test done three years ago. Lutfi is accusing mom Lynne Spears of this. In her book,she alleged he “tried to drug Britney into a coma.”
Gloria James lawsuit
A parking valet at a swanky Miami hotel filed suit against the mother of Miami Heat forward LeBron James for damages. Gloria James faces these charges in the incident.
Nancy Grace 2011 lawsuit
Former prosecutor Nancy Grace was recently sued for breach of contract by a former colleague. The colleague claims the two of them developed the concept for “Nancy Grace: America’s Missing” that made Grace a star.
Jay-Z sued
Volcom, a California-based company, is suing rapper Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, claiming that Roc Nation’s logo constitutes trademark infringement on Volcom’s logo. A Roc Nation artist, meanwhile, was charged with attempted murder and Jay-Z, a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, was fined by the NBA.
Vince Shlomi lawsuit
Talk about messy. ShamWow pitch guy Vince Shlomi has been sued by a former assistant who claims he stalked and groped her and asked her to do this for him.
Kate Gosselin lawsuit
A marriage counseling firm in Pennsylvania reportedly shocked the “Kate Plus 8” star by filing a lawsuit against her. She says she never sought counseling; the bill that wasn’t paid was for ex-husband Jon Gosselin’s life coaching sessions.
Paris Hilton 2011 lawsuit
A dispute over jewels is pitting a German insurer against celebutante Paris Hilton. Hilton (she has a boyfriend) reportedly says she no longer has the jewelry.
Lindsay Lohan legal trouble
“Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan has so many legal troubles, they can be charted on a timeline. The latest: Lohan says she plans to sue the jewelry store from which she is accused of stealing a necklace, saying they shouldn’t have sold a surveillance tape.
Oprah lawsuits 2011
A federal judge threw out a lawsuit against talk-show host Oprah Winfrey; Winfrey, meanwhile, did this in a defamation lawsuit filed by the headmistress of her South African girls school. Next up: Oprah, other celebrities, U.S. presidents and corporations are accused of civil rights violations, fraud and conspiracy.
Jon Gosselin latest lawsuit 2011
Jon Gosselin went from being a famous husband and father of eight to being the subject of a breach of contract suit from the TV network that made him famous. And now ex-wife Kate Gosselin is saying he’s the real guilty party in a lawsuit filed against her claiming she failed to pay counseling bills.
Jose Canseco lawsuit 2011
The former major-league baseball outfielder was sued for breach of contract by a celebrity boxing promoter who says Canseco sent someone else to fight in his place. In his tell-all book, Canseco admitted that he used anabolic steroids.