American ghost counties
American 'ghost counties'
High unemployment  and foreclosure rates, combined with overbuilding before the economy went south, have meant that once-booming areas – many of them tourist destinations -- have become modern-day "ghost counties." We review 10 American cities with vacancy rates of more than 55 percent, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Lake County, Mich.
Long a vacation and fishing destination  for residents of nearby industrial centers, such as a once-booming city and a car-centric city, Lake County has seen its fortunes decline as the number of second-home owners there has dropped.
Vilas County, Wis.
This county, located on Wisconsin's northern border , has depended on tourism and logging, forestry and construction industries – all of which have declined dramatically during the recession.
Summit County, Co.
A major drop in revenue in this area , home to several ski resorts west of its capital city, has hit hard, and property values are projected to keep falling.
Worcester County, Md.
The easternmost county in the state has a distinctive location it has experienced an unenviable drop in its tax base.
Mono County, Calif.
Ironically home to an official "gold rush" town, this county near a major mountain chain  and a national park  in the east-central part of the state has seen a huge drop in property tax receipts.

Dare County, N.C.
Yet another vacation destination hard-hit by huge drops in tourism, Dare County's seaside location  hasn't been able to weather the recent economic storm without drops in the tax base and county services. Who is the town named after?
Dukes County, Mass.
Still home to a popular summer destination, Dukes County now empties during the colder months of the year, and property values have fallen accordingly. Who were the original inhabitants?
Sawyer County, Wis.
This county in the northwest corner of Wisconsin  has been hit hard by a drop in visitors coming for outdoor recreation opportunities. Who is the county named for?
Burnett County, Wis.
This western Wisconsin county , not far from a twin city, has faced a decline in population and a foreclosure wave that have devastated its vacation home communities.

Aitkin County, Minn.
This recreational hub in north-central Minnesota, like other rural tourist regions, has been hit hard by the recession. It's a hub for fishing and a winter sport.