Over or Under? The Great Toilet Paper Debate
When you really think about it, most of the things we love most about the modern world have been given to us by engineers. Cars, computers, and even awesomely unstable-looking treehouses have all been achievements of that singular science known as engineering. Some feats of engineering, however, though no less ubiquitous than the others, are overlooked because of their serene simplicity and unassuming demeanor. Toilet paper is one of these inventions. Perfectly suited to its one and only task, toilet paper is the unsung hero of daily living. Unfortunately, the brilliant engineers who came up with toilet paper left one problem unsolved: the problem of orientation. Should the loose end go over the roll, so that it's easy to see and grab? Or should it go under, for a more zen-like appearance? There has yet to be a conclusive answer, but the debate has been one of the most captivating mankind has ever known. If you're still on the fence, check out this infographic by Engineering Degree, which analyzes each position from a scientific perspective.
Toilet Paper Rules

[Source: engineeringdegree.net]