Rumors swirl as Blake & Leo hit Italy
Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have moved from one Riviera to the other. Just days after the fair-haired pair were snapped hugging and laughing on Steven Spielberg's yacht at the Cannes Film Festival in France, they surfaced in Portofino, Italy. On Sunday, paparazzi captured the A-list actor, 36, chauffeuring the sun
hat-bedecked "Gossip Girl" starlet, 23, around the scenic town and enjoying an ice cream stop with her while strolling the cobblestone streets. They "seemed happy in each other's company," a spy tells People, adding they were "laughing" as they walked together.

Nothing says love like a willingness to rack up a boatload of frequent-flyer miles. It seems Miley Cyrus enjoyed a visit from back-on boyfriend Liam Hemsworth during the Bogota, Colombia, stop on her Gypsy Heart tour last week. "Thank you Columbia =] Had such a great time!" Miley enthusiastically tweeted on Friday. "So happy I

was able to spend time and enjoy your beautiful country with my BOOOOO." But the ostensible BOOOOO in question might not appreciate the public gushing. After all, Hemsworth, 21, persuaded Cyrus to delete her personal Twitter account in October 2009, a move that left her 2 million-plus followers at loose ends until she recently rejoined the 140-character-or-less party to promote her tour.
Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde have repeatedly insisted they're just friends, but they sure are giving the rumor mill plenty to chatter about. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the divorce-seeking actress tweeted about Justin's latest stint as host of "Saturday Night Live," calling the show "brilliant" and adding of the night's

musical guest (and JT's threesome partner with Andy Samberg), "I met Gaga."

Turns out Olivia joined Justin at the afterparty, but in keeping with the night's best skit, a third party was on hand. The New York Post says Timberlake's "Friends With Benefits" co-star (and onetime rumored crush) Mila Kunis also attended the festivities, and he was seen "chatting away" with both ladies.

"The two actresses then hung out together, and Olivia talked for a while with Bradley Cooper," says a snitch. "Olivia, Mila and Justin all left at the same time."

Downplays another source, "Justin is in movies with both actresses; they are friends."
Britney Spears' agent-boyfriend is severing professional ties with her, but it has nothing to do with her lackluster lip-syncing and dancing at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. Instead, he's leaving William Morris Endeavor to head up the entertainment arm for a Mick Jagger-backed company called Famos. "Since meeting Britney, his

priorities have shifted and he would much rather be home at night with her and her boys," a source tells People. "He has been approached by different firms over the years, but nothing ever made him make the leap until now." Perhaps part of the position's appeal is its flexible schedule. Says the source, "With his new job, it sounds like he will be able to work from the road, and that's ideal when your girlfriend is about to start a worldwide tour."
This year's Cannes Film Festival proved a mixed bag for Kirsten Dunst. She won the Best Actress prize for "Melancholia," but she had to watch as director Lars Von Trier suffered a Nazi-spouting bout of verbal incontinence. In between, she apparently found time to rate Gerard Butler's pickup lines. Or so claims the London Daily

Mail, which quotes Kirsten as telling pals, "He came up to me [in Los Angeles] and said, 'Wow, you look delicious.' I just turned to him and said, 'You’re a total jerk.'" Dunst, who has been dating Rilo Kiley drummer Jason Boesel for more than a year, is said to have pronounced the Scottish actor's wooing technique "stupid."

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Breaking: Jake Gyllenhaal was seen in proximity to a human female. The New York Daily News spotted him having drinks with a twentysomething "mystery brunette" at a Brooklyn eatery on Saturday night. The two weren't "overly flirty" but were "deep in conversation." Possible topics of their tête-à-tête: Jake's hopes and dreams;

Jake's dreamy blue eyes; and/or Jake's fears over becoming a Taylor Swift song. In other music-related relationship news
Halle Berry may not be on the best terms with ex Gabriel Aubry, but her current squeeze, Olivier Martinez, remains friendly -- and how -- with his former flame, Kylie Minogue. Over the weekend, the French actor brought Halle to Kylie's sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl, where they cheered her on from front-row seats. Olivier,

you'll recall, supported Kylie through her successful battle with breast cancer.
And finally, we present this little nugget about Prince William and Kate Middleton, who apparently have quite a memento from their honeymoon in the Seychelles. The London Daily Mail says before jetting home, they were presented with what's billed as "the world's most erotic fruit." The Coco de Mer coconut has a derriere-like

silhouette and is supposedly some sort of fertility symbol-cum-aphrodisiac. And somewhere in Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth clutches her pearls.