Casey Anthony judge announces surprise recess 

The judge presiding over Casey Anthony's murder trial suddenly and unexpectedly suspended proceedings for a day, NBC News reported Monday.

The announcement came after Judge Belvin Perry held discussions behind closed doors with lawyers.

The reason for the recess until Tuesday at 9 a.m. was not known, but should become clear later Monday when transcripts of the backroom conversation become available.

Earlier Monday, Perry scolded defense attorneys and prosecutors Monday for wasting time as they argued about legal issues that should have been taken up before court began.

Perry listened for almost 25 minutes before asking prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez to look at the clock and tell him the time.

Ashton said 9:25, while Baez responded 9:26.

That prompted the judge to say, "that shows the two of you will never agree on anything."

Perry also said they will work a full day on Saturday.

Anthony, 25, has pleaded not guilty to killing Caylee Anthony, her 2-year-old daughter, in June 2008. She faces a possible death sentence if convicted.