celebrity first jobs

Nicolas Cage - Sold popcorn at a movie theater
Charles Bronson - Coal Miner
David Lee Roth - Hospital orderly
Paula Abdul - Laker Girl
Clint Eastwood - Pool Boy
Sean Connery - Lifeguard
Mick Jagger - Hospital Porter
Cyndi Lauper - Emptied dog kennels
Steve Buscemi - Firefighter
Ozzy Osbourne - Slaughterhouse Worker
Gwen Stefani - Worked at Dairy Queen
Rod Stewart - Grave Digger
Queen Latifah -Worked at Burger King
Warren Beatty - Rat Catcher
Alec Baldwin - Bouncer
Kanye West - Worked at the Gap
Jason Lee - Worked behind the counter at a Taco Bell
Whoopi Goldberg - Bricklayer
Mickey Rourke - Movie Theater Usher
Claiy Aiken - A counselor at the YMCA
Marlon Brando - Ditch Digger
Matthew McConaughey - Cleaned out chicken coops
Donald Trump - Rent Collector
Gene Simmons - Newspaper Delivery Boy
Jon Bon Jovi - Made Christmas decorations
Keith Richards - Tennis Ball Boy
Russell Simmons - Worked at Orange Julius
Nancy Grace - Worked the candy counter at Sears
Henry Fonda - Worked for a credit agency
Pamela Anderson - Fitness Instructor
Jennifer Aniston - Telemarketer
Lucille Ball - Sold ice cream
Michael Douglas - Gas Station Attendant
Robin Williams - Street Mime
Danny DeVito - Hair stylist
Garth Brooks - Boot Store Salesman
Drew Carey - in the Marine Corps.
Kurt Cobain - Janitor
Evangeline Lilly - Flight Attendant
Jerry Seinfeld - Sold lightbulbs
Sting - Teacher
Vin Diesel - Bouncer
Eddie Vedder - Gas Station Attendant
Christopher Walken - Lion Tamer in the circus
Julia Roberts - Worked behind the counter in an ice cream shop
James Dean - Tested stunts for the game show “Beat the Clock”
Walt Disney - Ambulance driver
Carmen Elektra - Danced at a theme park in Ohio
Tom Cruise - Bell Hop
Faith Hill - Receptionist __________________