Crystal Harris Parties in Vegas on Canceled Wedding day

Crystal Harris noted that it was the day she was married to Hugh Hefner on his darling Saturday with Heidi Montag in a wet pool party in the Republic of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
Playboy Cover Girl, 25, jets in Los Angeles at 17:00, when she returns to live “on a daily basis” between Los Angeles and San Diego.

“I’m fine,” she said. “It really helps that Hef and I are still friends. I’ll see Monday. We will share custody of their dogs. [Laughs] He has many people around. He is doing well and I have my family and friends “.
A few days before the wedding to take place, she canceled the wedding by reference to questions of lifestyle.
“I mean, I love it when all the girls around. I love it there. They are all my best friends, but it does not make sense to have so many women around, but then he is still married. It makes no sense, because he was right. I was not the only woman in the life of Hugh Hefner, and he would remain so after marriage. ”

Crystal is not only worried about leaving Hef. He has a flock of beauties with a special named Anna.
“Ana is one of my best friends. It is suspended in the mansion, she hangs out with me. There are many other girls there. A lot of girls are likely to move now. [Laughs]”

For crystals, it was clear that something was wrong from the beginning of this proposal.
“When Hef asked me to marry him, she was in front of three video cameras and a photographer. It begins. I’m afraid. I do not want anyone to disappoint you, but I’m glad the right decision and do it now, not after. ”
She added: “I hope he feels better and I are huge expectations, I speak to him every day ..”
Answering a question on reports that it would allow to consolidate its reputation, denies he planned to become a Runaway Bride.
“I did not plan it,” she said. . “I have no plan at all, I do not know I do not know, I just knew when he was already close, it is unfair to Hef -.. It was not just to go with it, I just wanted to stay true to yourself and do what was best for everyone. ”
Hmm, how she feels about the violation of his heart?
“I cried all night when I left,” she said.
She stressed that there was no deception involved (“I never cheated on Hef, ever,” she says.) And that his relationship with his son Jordan Dr. Phil McGraw in a strictly platonic.
“Jordan is one of my very good friends. He was my friend for a year, it will continue to be my friend, and I really need my friends right now. ”
She says the age difference of no less than 60 years of not playing a role.
“Hef like a big baby. Age was nothing.”
One thing is certain: it does not intend to pursue a career in Las Vegas, as other former residents Playboy Mansion, Holly Madison, who entertains the spectators of the scene Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.
But first there are the wedding details to make a right.
“I’m actually flying back to Los Angeles for dinner with the designer. She flew here and it was pink, wedding dress beautiful Romona Cabeza. We are still unwinding of all, and put the pieces together. ”
Is preserving memories?
“I have a copy of the invitation. That’s it. I do not want anything else. I’mgiving ring back Hef, and all that. I just want to move forward.”
She insists she will always sign an octogenarian.
“I love Hef. Hef is the sweetest person I ever met in my life. I still love it and it will always be my friend, and I will visit all the time. ”
And she swears that no one else is his influence to cancel.
“It was a mutual decision between us. I am happy to say that. It was mutual. ”
Fortunately, she did not mind that the cover of Playboy now adorned with “Runaway Bride” bubble.
“It’s Hef humor, and mine too We always -. We had much in common, we really do We laughed a lot, and it was fun this bitter I’ll always be friends with Hef and the mansion to go together … time. ”
One thing she loves is her newfound freedom.
“When I came here in Las Vegas with Hef, it’s super-strict timetable, so I’m just happy to be here to relax and have a good time. Today was day, so I had to go only during the day. I will return to 5. [Laughs] And then I’ll take it day by day. “