Lunar eclipse - photos from around the world
Throughout the world, from Brussels, and Beirut, ending June 16, the night men observed a surprising phenomenon - a lunar eclipse. This is the first total lunar eclipse of 2011, the longest in the last 11 years.
Lunar eclipse on the Atomium - one of the main attractions and a symbol of Brussels.
Lunar eclipse over the bridge in Sydney Anzac.
People watch the lunar eclipse from the roof of the house in Belgrade.
Lunar eclipse in Multan, Pakistan.
Lunar eclipse over the village of Zeitoun in the south of Malta. The village is the church feast of Saint Catherine.
Lunar eclipse over the Colosseum, Rome.
Lunar eclipse over the Castel del Ovo in Naples, Italy.
Lunar eclipse over Frankfurt.

People watch an eclipse from the ruins of the temple of Hercules in Amman, Jordan.
Eclipse over the bridge across the Dnieper River, Ukraine.

Lunar eclipse over the roofs of houses in Moscow.
People watch an eclipse from the ruins of the temple of Hercules.
Proceedings of the eclipse east of Beirut, Lebanon.
Lunar eclipse over the city of Valencia, Spain, between 220:30 and 23:30 local time.
Lunar eclipse over the roofs of the sleeping area in Belgrade, Serbia.
Skopje, Macedonia.
Officials from the government watching the moon through telescopes in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Lunar eclipse on the background of a passerby in Belgrade, Serbia.