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Sexiest people alive
+Sexiest people alive. These top lookers are not only rich and famous, they have what it takes to get noticed. They've made countless "who's sexiest" lists, proving time and again to be the best-looking people alive.
Jennifer Lopez
What makes her sexy: The sultry, curvy singer, actress and "American Idol" judge was named 2011's most beautiful person by this magazine. Watch her glam it up in these music videos.
Matthew McConaughey
What makes him sexy: This down-to-earth Texas native has been melting hearts on the big screen with his ruggedly handsome smile and laid-back Southern charm. He's not just a dreamy dude. He turned his personal motto into a foundation for teens

Jennifer Aniston
What makes her sexy: She charmed us on "Friends" with her girl-next-door wit and good looks and has gone on to steal hearts on the big screen. She accepted one heck of an ego-boosting award recently. Who's the latest lucky guy linked to this most eligible single woman in the world?

Johnny Depp
What makes him sexy: The seemingly ageless actor started out as a teen heartthrob and has morphed into a highly respected movie star and family man.

Megan Fox
What makes her sexy: She's not afraid to speak her mind and was named the sexiest woman in the world two years in a row by this men's magazine. See her in the "Transformers 2" trailer and check out her other films.

Brad Pitt
What makes him sexy: He first caught our eye as the shirtless drifter in this road trip classic. Since then, he's kept our attention as a long-haired vampire an ancient Greek warrior, a clean-cut con man, a Nazi hunter and a man living his life in reverse. His sexiest role yet? Dad.
Halle Berry
What makes her sexy: She's come a long way from her pageant days to her historic Oscar win. She donned the hottest costume ever. And, seriously, is there a sexier 44-year-old mom out there? Scroll through her movies.
George Clooney
What makes him sexy: Maybe it's that mischievous smirk that's made him one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. Maybe it's his Italian villa. Or maybe he'll just always be Dr. Doug Ross to some of us. Check out his movie roles.
Angelina Jolie
What makes her sexy: Sure, she's got a perfect set of lips and a body to die for, but the former wild child is more than that. She's one of the most charitable celebrities out there and still finds time to be a mom to six kids and partner to one of the sexiest men on the planet.
David Beckham
What makes him sexy: The soccer star's steamy underwear ads didn't hurt his cause. Neither did all the times he took this off. He even seems to be a great dad. But it's his skills on the field that have us working up a sweat.
What makes her sexy: Her penchant for short, tight outfits that show off her curves helps a lot, and she's one of the hottest live performers in the music biz. She's one of the few people who can look good dancing in a leotard and high heels
Taylor Kitsch
What makes him sexy: He could have been a pro hockey player. He melts hearts as the bad boy with a heart of gold on "Friday Night Lights" and proved he can hold his own as an action hero.
Scarlett Johansson
What makes her sexy: That opening scene of "Lost in Translation" cemented her sex-symbol status, and now she's one of the hottest ladies to walk the red carpet. Her skin-tight catsuit in this comic book blockbuster catapulted her to a whole new level of hotness
Ryan Reynolds
What makes him sexy: We already knew he was funny, but it was his buffed-up role in this comic book movie that sealed the deal. Since then, he's rocketed to the starring role of another comic book-based blockbuster. He and this hot babe split late last year.
Charlize Theron
What makes her sexy: The gorgeous Academy Award winner – who is not afraid to put on an ugly face for a role – revved the sexy up a notch as this cartoon character brought to life. And no one knew how funny she could be until her role in this critically acclaimed sitcom
Denzel Washington
What makes him sexy: He's been setting hearts aflutter since he first donned scrubs on this early '80s hospital drama. He revealed his surprisingly sexy bad-guy side in this Oscar-winning role. Despite his sex-symbol status, he's been married to the same woman for nearly 30 years.
Salma Hayek
What makes her sexy: The voluptuous Mexican actress first caught our attention in this mariachi revenge movie. She went on to play a snake-wearing vampire stripper and a dangerously jealous girlfriend on this NBC show.
Hugh Jackman
What makes him sexy: The hunk from Down Under is a triple threat: action hero, Broadway star, romantic lead. Being married to an older woman doesn't hurt either.
Helen Mirren
What makes her sexy: Even though she's 65, she still looks great in a bikini and posed for a racy photo shoot. She's bared it all in plenty of movies, including this one about stripping for charity
Josh Holloway
What makes him sexy: He was the "Lost" castaway with the sexy Southern drawl who was always taking off his shirt. Oh, and he just happens to be a former model.
Jessica Alba
What makes her sexy: She rocked the black leather pants on this sci-fi TV series, the black leather chaps in this Robert Rodriguez movie and Susan Storm's tight blue costume in these comic book movies
Isaiah Mustafa
What makes him sexy: Besides being the ab-tastic "man your man could smell like", he played in the NFL and has a wicked sense of humor.