Attempts by the eggs, cream cakes and other items 
Yesterday, during the parliamentary hearings on the newspaper News Of The World in the UK in the British media tycoon Rupert Murdoch threw a plate filled with foam for shaving. During the attack, the attacker shouted against Murdoch's words, "a greedy millionaire." Plate with the foam fell squarely in the face media magnate, but he has not received any injuries ...
This is not an isolated case of such attacks - has dozens, perhaps hundreds of politicians and others, the well-known people who were attacked with "weapons" such as raw eggs or cream pies. Let us recall a few such incidents.

July 19, 2011: The Rupert Murdoch launched a plate with shaving foam during the hearing. The hearing was postponed after a young man in a plaid shirt, detained by police .... (PA)
Murdoch's wife Wendy, who was sitting behind her husband at the hearing, immediately rushed to defend her husband. When a young man led away in handcuffs, police officer, he refused to give his name, saying: "As Mr. Murdoch himself has said, I'm afraid I can not comment on the investigation." Later it was named on Twitter Johnny Marbles. Marbles, who calls himself an activist and comedian, wrote on the site before the incident: "It's the best I've ever done in my life." (PA)
April 21, 2010: on the back of David Cameron, pictured at left, visible part of the eggshell. Right: A police officer removes an egg with a jacket Cameron, after the leader of the Conservative Party threw an egg. (PA)
June 2009: British National Party leader Nick Griffin had to leave the press conference in Parliament after protesters obkidali its eggs. (GETTY)
Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party. (REUTERS)
May 2009: Chairman of the Democratic Party of Czech Jiri Paroubek is trying to cover themselves from flying eggs at him during a rally in honor of the European Parliament elections in Prague. (AFP / GETTY)
March 2009: Lord Mandelson was thrown into a glass of green mustard in the face ... (SKY)
Leila Dean said that threw mustard in the face of business secretary Lord Mandelson in protest against government support for the third band at London's Heathrow airport. (GETTY)
February 2009: The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao gave a boot German student protest against civil rights in China, Prime Minister's speech at Cambridge University. (REUTERS)
December 2008: In George W. Bush, then U.S. president, Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at a press conference in Iraq. (REUTERS)
October 2008: Phil Vulas, Minister for Immigration, was in the face of an activist during a debate at Manchester University. (MAERCURY)
February 2006: Ruth Kelly, the then Minister of Education, obkidali eggs activists of "Fathers for Justice" after hearing the case against another activist of the organization, which tried to put handcuffs on her a year earlier. (PA)
December 2004: demonstrator, acting "on behalf of Islam," threw in the well-known British TV presenter and journalist Robert Kilroy-Silk a bucket of liquid clay, when he arrived at the recording of the broadcast on BBC radio in Manchester. (CAVENDISH)
May 2004: Mr Blair fired a bomb with a purple flour during a speech in the Commons. (PA)
April 2002: Demonstrators in Rennes squeezed in the face of the French Prime Minister Lionel Dzhospinu ketchup. (EPA)
March 2002: and again Noel Godin. This time he hit the pineapple pie in the face of presidential candidate Jean-Pierre Shevenmanu. (EPA)
May 2001: John Prescott obkidal eggs Craig Evans during the election campaign in the Rila Mountain, North Wales ... (PA)
Mr Prescott was left in debt and hit a simple farmer in the face. (SKY)
January 2001: the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair got a tomato in the back, which threw the students in Bristol during a protest against sanctions on Iraq. (PA)
February 2000: the then Agriculture Minister Nick Brown, smeared with chocolate eclair in the face at the annual conference of the National Farmers Union in London. (PA)
February 1998: member of the group «Chumbawumba» Denbert Nobakon threw in then-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott UK bucket of water at the awards ceremony «Brit Awards», in protest against Labour's attitude to striking workers in Liverpool. (PA)
April 2000: the then shadow Home Secretary Ann Viddkomb got mustard pie in the face when she signed her books at Oxford. (CLIVE POSTLETHWAITE)
February 1998: Noel Godin, the one known as "Le stupid," first threw a cream pie in the face tycoon Bill Gates, saying "My work here is finished." (EPA)
March 1992: Margaret Thatcher was attacked by a woman with a bouquet of flowers during a walk in Marple Bridge Thatcher in Stockport. (PA)
August 1982: the then Minister for the Environment Michael Heseltine shelled eggs angry mothers and children in Croxteth, Liverpool. (MERCURY)