Brad & Angelina: Ready to Wed?

After Six Years and Six Kids, Will Brad and Angelina Finally Tie the Knot? If the Kids Have Their Way, It Just Might Happen

The questions from fans they can laugh off. The silly rumors they can ignore. The fevered fantasies of wedding planners the world over? Not their problem. But there are six little voices who matter most to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and they just might be changing Mom and Dad's minds about tying the knot. "The kids ask about marriage," Pitt told USA Weekend. "It's meaning more and more to them. So it's something we've got to look at."
Now, don't expect their flatware registry anytime soon: Contrary to the latest rumor about a wedding at their French chateau, they're just modernizing the place, not building a chapel. But after six years together and with their brood growing up-Maddox is 9; Pax, 7; Zahara, 6; Shiloh turned 5 on May 27 and twins Knox and Viv are 2-Pitt, 47, and Jolie, 36, have been opening up a little more about their family life. "I want to keep them free to explore [their] innocence as long as possible and find out what's really interesting to them," Pitt said of their kids at the premiere of The Tree of Life in L.A. That means lots of travel, with home bases in the U.S. and France. "Out in the country we've found some sense of normalcy for them," he told France's Le Parisien. Jolie, who has also said that she and Pitt would likely wed if their children wanted them to, spoke while promoting Kung Fu Panda 2 about her frank family talks: "The words adoption, birth mothers, orphanages are happy words in our household."

Back in L.A. after the Cannes Film Festival, Jolie and Pitt geared up for Shiloh's birthday. On May 25, the couple hit L.A. novelty shop Soap Plant/Wacko for $600 worth of goodies, including Hello Kitty and pirate temporary tattoos, skull-and-bones head wraps and a vampire toy. "They even sneaked kisses while they were shopping," says an onlooker. "They said they couldn't wait to surprise their kids."