Celebrity First Jobs
Celebrity First Jobs. School is out, and summer has begun. Will you be lounging by the pool or working 40 hours a week like some of your favorite celebrities used to? From summer jobs to just making ends meet, let's look at some first occupations of the famous.
Eva Mendes
Miami native Eva Mendes is no stranger to the sun, but her summer job working at this mall staple might be something she wants to keep in the dark.
John Krasinski
The lovable and hilarious star of "The Office" was a summer camp counselor in Boston when he was 16.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus may seem like a spoiled child star to some, but this singer and actress had her first job scrubbing toilets at the age of 11. Seems like hard work for the daughter of big-time country singer.
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp has played everything from a pirate to a murderous singing barber, but his first job was far less glamorous. Depp sold ink pens and worked at a gas station before he made it big
Beyoncé may be a powerhouse diva and the first woman to headline one of the largest rock festivals in the world, but she got her start sweeping up hair in her mother's salon.
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom might be married to a Victoria's Secret Angel and star in blockbuster hits, but his first job was far less glamorous. He worked as a "clay trapper" at a gentleman's shooting club.
Amy Adams
Amy Adams tackles wholesome roles now, but her fist job was a bit risqué. Adams served food at this restaurant chain.
Ashton Kutcher
Known for his goofball starring roles and crazy pranks, Kutcher had a first job that was far more mundane. He swept floors at a General Mills factory in his hometown
Tina Fey
Fey is a woman of many talents: author, writer of a hit show, Emmy winner, actress, comedian and -- snack bar server? The last job on the list might not fit, but it was Fey's first, at the local swim club.
Steve Carell
Steve Carell played a horrible boss on "The Office," and it turns out he was horrible at his first summer job, too. Carell worked as a mail carrier, but quit because he was "very, very bad at it."
Celebrity First Jobs
This Oscar winner, humanitarian and Hollywood heavyweight spent his young summers whitewashing fruit trees before he got into the director's chair.
Madonna worked behind the counter at a morning favorite stop. It has been said she was fired for squirting jelly doughnuts at the customers.
Brad Pitt
Before he settled into his role as ultimate A-list hottie, Brad Pitt did almost every odd job you can think of, from moving refrigerators to driving limos. Pitt even dressed up in a chicken costume.
Mick Jagger
Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger used to sell ice cream from behind a pushcart. Far cry from singing to thousands onstage
Colin Powell
General, diplomat and baby furniture salesman? That's right. Although it's hard to imagine the man in a "softer" job, he did just that while growing up in the Bronx.
Warren Buffett
This legendary investor and committed philanthropist spent his first working days in his grandfather's grocery store. Maybe that is where he picked up the frugal values he is so famous for.
Ozzy Osbourne
The "Prince of Darkness" and ultimate rock 'n' roll bad boy got his start working at a fairly gruesome place.
Matthew McConaughey
Young Matthew McConaughey showed little interest in his family's oil business. Instead, he hightailed it to Australia and found work washing dishes and shoveling chicken manure.
Gwen Stefani
Now famous for her rock-hard abs, killer fashion sense and energetic tunes, Stefani spent her first summers behind the counter at this fast food joint. You wouldn't believe it now, but she reportedly getting "so fat!"

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