Cloned animals

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Cloned animals
Cloned animals. Dolly the sheep. July 5 marks the 15th anniversary of the cloning of Dolly the sheep. The fluffy female – who died in 2003 – was arguably the world's most famous sheep because of this famous first. But did you know she wasn't the first cloned animal? And that there have been several cloned critters since Dolly? Will humans be next?
Sea urchin
Year: Late 1880s

A German embryologist made one of the first attempts at cloning with dividing sea urchin cells.
Year: 1952

Two American scientists experimented on amphibians to do their part to further the science of cloning. See pictures of tadpoles.
Masha the Mouse
Year: 1986

Masha was the first successfully cloned mammal. Another mouse was the first mouse cloned from an adult cell that survived to adulthood.
Polly &a Molly the sheep
Year: 1997

Polly and Molly came from the same institute as Dolly.
Cloned piglets
Year: 2000

A litter of five piglets was produced by the same company that cloned Dolly
Ombretta the mouflon
Year: 2000

The European mouflon was the first clone of an endangered mammal species to survive.
CC the cat
Year: 2001

CC was the first cloned cat and pet, but she didn't look or act like much like the original. See pictures of CC.
Prometea the horse
Year: 2003

Prometea was the first cloned horse and had an unusual link to her mother. See pictures of her. In 2008, she gave birth to her own foal
Snuppy the Afghan hound
Year: 2005

A controversial South Korean scientist was instrumental in creating Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog. See pictures of the dog. He became a father a few years ago
Missy the dog
Year: 2007 & 2008

Missy was the inspiration for the Missyplicity Project, which morphed into this research firm. Four puppies were cloned from the family pet's DNA after she died. The company is no longer cloning dogs
Trakr the German shepherd
Year: 2009

Trakr was cloned after his amazing Sept. 11 story won a contest sponsored by the biotech company started by Missy's owners. See pictures of Trakr and the puppies. He died in 2009.

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