How celebrities behave in public 

Some celebrities are behaving in public exactly the same in different situations, and even their facial expressions never change.

Language Megan Fox
with smiling tongue

 Kim Kardashian view from behind is better?
 Robert Pattinson: What is wrong with my hair?
 Gwen Stefani: 'Give me a fulcrum!
 Kristen Stewart: Well, when it's over?
 Paris Hilton: as a result of the operation on his back left a little skin
 Justin Bieber: hands in pockets
 Victoria Beckham: without a smile be all sad
 Katy Perry: sexy princess
 Miley Cyrus: hello, hello!
 AnnaLynne McCourt: kisses
 Kate Hudson: World Peace
 Lindsay Lohan with a finger in her mouth
 Taylor Swift with Love
 Joe Meyers, Where am I?
 Beyonce: Give a little pose
 Jennifer Hudson: Hey, I'm here
 Britney Spears: Guess what in his hand?
 Raylin Gosling: break your nose!
 Nicky Minazh: a smile is not important