msn.comHow tall is that celebrity?

How tall is that celebrity?

The screen may add 10 pounds, but does it also add a few inches of height? Check out these celebs and see if they measure up to how tall you  think they are.
Tom Cruise
Cruise doesn't let his height get in the way of his attraction to tall women. Find out how tall his first wife was… as well as his second wife… and his current wife.
A rock 'n' roll fashion icon, Prince is known for rocking his guitar in high heels.
There's a reason this tiny "Jersey Shore" cast member is always sporting high heels and stilettos
Conan O'Brien
Standing taller than most of his guests , O'Brien is probably wishing the ratings of his cable show hadn't fallen from such great heights since its hyped debut on this network.
Nicole Kidman
The statuesque actress stands taller than her current husband Keith Urban and her even shorter former husband.
Sarah Palin
With her poofed hair and high heels, this former Alaska governor plays up her average height.
Lamar Odom
This NBA forward is one of the tallest on his team
President Barack Obama
Our 44th president enjoys playing good game of basketball and his height may give him an advantage.
Taylor Swift
This country singer knows how to command a stage with more than her music and she doesn't need high heels to do it .
Anthony Bourdain
The celebrity chef and world traveler towers over people in many of the countries he visits
Rafael Nadal
This tennis ace is every sense of the phrase "tall, dark and handsome"
Danny DeVito
Known for playing a variety of roles, DeVito is usually looking up to his co-stars.
Donald Trump
The New York billionaire doesn't need to use his infamous hairstyle to add inches to his height.
Oprah Winfrey
After ending her iconic talk show, the TV, magazine, and movie star is now busy running her new cable network.
Mia Hamm
Despite her average height, the U.S. soccer player was a force on the soccer field from 1987 until her retirement.
Bruce Springsteen
The career of this rock icon has spanned three decades and put is hometown on the map
Hugh Jackman
It's easy for Jackman to make women weak in the knees with his height, good looks and Aussie accent.

Steve Carell
Compared to his former co-stars on "The Office", Carell wouldn't have won a height contest.
John McCain
The 2008 Republican presidential candidate didn't measure up to his competition .
Shawn Johnson
Being tall is a disadvantage for many gymnasts .That's not a problem for Johnson; her short frame gives her a competitive edge
Jonah Hill
There's more to Hill than just acting in dumb comedies. He's also a producer and screenwriter
Anderson Cooper
The TV journalist and host of "Anderson Cooper 360" is a member o f this prominent American family.
Tony Robbins
This self-help guru and life coach is literally someone you have to look up to.
The superstar singer , along with her husband , have soared to the upper echelons of the R&B and hip-hop charts.
Sylvester Stallone
You usually have to be bit taller than the "Italian Stallion" to be an action star. His height may have been adjusted in the poster for his recent action flick .
Tina Fey
The talented writer and actress , and alum of this hit show, has become one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents.

Sigourney Weaver
This actress's height may have helped her stand up to some of the galaxy's creepiest aliens .

Bill O'Reilly
The outspoken political commentator usually shows no measure on his opinions .