July deaths 2011
July in memoriam
In July we lost many beloved figures, including Barbie's father, a guitar innovator and the oldest rock critic.
Anna Massey

Although she claimed that Hollywood never beckoned, this British actress maintained a successful 50-year career.
Jane Scott

Scott was a world-famous rock 'n' roll critic who wrote for her hometown newspaper . She earned this title.
Otto von Habsburg

Von Habsburg was the last crown prince of this fallen empire. He subsequently headed one of Europe's most powerful groups
Cy Twombly

Twombly was a famous painter with a unique style (how so?). Notably, he won this Japanese award.
Gordon Tootoosis

Tootoosis was a prolific Canadian actor (his credits) who championed aboriginal culture (his activist work). He followed in his father's footsteps.
Theodore Roszak

A history professor, Roszak was known for his influential 1968 book "The Making of a Counter Culture". He introduced a new term for a social movement.
Dick Williams
Williams was a longtime baseball player and manager. What attitude did he provoke?
Betty Ford

Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, set new precedents for first ladies. She was devoted to these causes.
Roberts Blossom

Blossom had memorable roles in "The Great Gatsby" alongside Robert Redford, "Home Alone" ,"Slaughterhouse Five" and "Northern Exposure."
Rob Grill

Grill was the lead singer of the Grass Roots and its longest-serving member . The band charted many hit singles.
Sherwood Schwartz

Schwartz was the producer and creator of "Gilligan's Island"  and "The Brady Bunch".

Googie Withers

Withers was born on one continent , rose to fame on another and resided on a third . She was best known for her role in an Alfred Hitchcock film.
Lucian Freud

Freud was a significant British artist whose compositions display psychological insight.
Elliot Handler

Handler co-founded Mattel and is known as the father of Barbie.
Amy Winehouse

Aldredge was an enduring actor in all mediums . He is best known for his role in a TV drama
Amy Winehouse

Winehouse debuted as a young R&B sensation. Her second album, "Back to Black," brought her international fame  and Grammy Awards, amid her battles with drug and alcohol addiction .
John Shalikashvili

Shalikashvili was a U.S. Army general who became the chief military officer of the U.S. armed forces.
G.D. Spradlin

Following his international work, Spradlin had an illustrious acting career. He often played the villain, like in "Tank"and "The Lords of Discipline" .
Joe Arroyo

Arroyo was a legendary Caribbean musician. He creatively mixed music (which types?) and earned this nickname.
Dan Peek


Peek was an accomplished musician and a member of the band America. He transitioned to Christian music with a big hit

John Mackey

Mackey was a professional football player  who redeemed a key play in Super Bowl V