Living first ladies of the US
Living first ladies of the US. Many will pay their respects today to former first lady Betty Ford, who died at age 93 on July 8. The death of Ford, who was candid about her drug and alcohol struggles and created the famed Betty Ford Center, makes the number of living first ladies – current and former – now six.
Michelle Robinson Obama
Married to: President Barack Obama

In the White House: As of 2009

Leading causes: Childhood obesity (Let's Move! campaign);White House garden.

Newsworthy: One of the "most inspiring women"; fashion icon.
Laura Welch Bush
Married to: President George W. Bush

In the White House: 2001-2008

Leading causes: National Book Festival; National Anthem Project; women's health issues.

Newsworthy: Goodwill trips; her views on abortion.
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Married to: President Bill Clinton

In the White House: 1993-2000

Leading causes: A controversial health care plan; initiated Save America's Treasures; State Children's Health Insurance Program; Foster Care Independence Act.
Barbara Pierce Bush
Married to: President George H.W. Bush

In the White House: 1989-1992

Leading causes: Universal literacy (developed a foundation); White House Endowment Trust.

Newsworthy: Graves’ Disease; campaign controversy; Hurricane Katrina comments.
Nancy Davis Reagan
Married to: President Ronald Reagan

In the White House: 1981-1988

Leading causes: "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign.

Newsworthy: Breast cancer diagnosis; consulted an astrologer; White House china controversy.
Rosalynn Smith Carter
Married to: President Jimmy Carter

In the White House: 1977-1980

Leading causes: Mental health research (she initiated an annual symposium).

Newsworthy: Women and the Constitution conference; Every Child by Two; Official envoy.