Pictures taken at the right time
33-year-old photographer Scott Linstead creates pictures in which animals and insects as if frozen in time. A former teacher spends about a week in an ambush, setting the flash and tripods.
 A beautiful collection of photographs which was taken at the right moment.

In most cases, the rate of reaction of the human eye and the lens is enough to make pictures by hand. Some of these photos were taken in nature, others - on his kitchen table in the warehouse or at a pet store.
"Read this or that animal's behavior - not a problem, difficult to choose the technique and method of how to apply that knowledge. I managed to photograph the phenomenon, occurring every day, and sometimes even rarer. Using special tools and devices is very helpful when the photographer can not be at the right time to take a picture, or whether he simply has no time, because the action is happening too fast. "
Scott, Quebec, Canada. He says that the love of vysokskorostnoy life in the wild requires a lot of patience, but the results are worth it. " "The most offensive is when the picture is perfect for all parts, except one, moreover, some small. For example, the usual onlookers, who decided to ask, what am I doing here, and scare the insect. This is partly why I decided to do some shots in the studio. "
Scott brought Bryzgunov skipjack from Singapore and placed over their aquarium live crickets, small fish that jumped out of the water and spit at their prey. "The main thing - do not just capture the moment" spit ", but do not capture the reflection on the glass aquarium."
"This is behavior I have photographed quite by accident. Normally, these fish are just spitting on the victim, but as they say, if the mountain will not come to Magomed ... The grasshopper had no chance. "
This photo bees in pollen has been done on the kitchen table of Scott. "I took this picture in the room because he wanted complete control of light and insect behavior. Everything was ready in advance. Once the picture was taken, a bee flew quietly to the open window and flew away with a clear conscience. "
Scott lured into his studio jay, scattering all over your favorite treats birds.
This photo is of a basilisk than usual, running on the water, was made on the stock with a high-speed flash.
Pygmy marsupial flying squirrel, special wings which allow it to glide between trees, embodied here in the flight in the studio Scott.
Shots in the fresh air made a more traditional way, using hand-held camera with a high speed shutter. This Great Grey Owl was photographed during a storm in Ontario.
The bat flies over the water in Arizona.
Scott spent four days in an ambush at the edge of the pond in Kangasala, Finland, to make this snapshot of sea hawk. "This place is near the city of Tampere - one of the best places on earth where you can make these shots."