Roles stars regret turning down
Roles stars regret turning down. Lester Speight, the muscle-bound comedian of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, recently shared with his hometown newspaper his regrets about dropping out of drama class. Let’s look at other film stars and the roles they probably regret passing up.
Molly Ringwald
Ringwald was pretty in pink while capturing the hearts of millions throughout the ’80s but she turned down this film, which may have extended her career into the ’90s.
Sean Connery
Maybe if Connery had read a few more books, the former Highlander would have understood the script and gone on to make some serious coin with the profit sharing offered for this epic role.
Dave Chappelle
When asked by a red-headed TV host about turning down a role in a film that earned six Academy Awards. Chappelle remarked, “Who knew?”
Julia Roberts
Let’s face it, Roberts has been in some great films but turning down this Oscar-winning role for the less than acclaimed “Valentine’s Day” earns a spot on the regrets list.
Tom Selleck
Selleck had just signed on to play Magnum, P.I. and did not receive the studio’s blessing to star in what became one of Hollywood’s great franchises.
Ralph Macchio
If he could go back in time, Macchio might have chosen this role in addition to his own karate trilogy
Halle Berry
Just imagine Halle Berry starring in this hit thriller — you might also have some regret that she turned it down
Edward Norton
It was during the thinner years of his filmography that Norton turned down a memorable role in a landmark film
John Travolta
Travolta was starring in a hit sitcom when he was asked by a legendary filmmaker to play the lead in what some consider a cinematic masterpiece.
Kate Winslet
Coming off “Titanic” in 1997, Winslet turned down a role that gave its actress her first Oscar win
Al Pacino
Pacino, who is known for his portrayal of American outlaws, passed on exploring the lawless world of another time and place
Michael Madsen
Madsen had the option to be in another Quentin Tarantino film but couldn’t escape the rehearsals for a ’90s western.
Melanie Griffith
Griffith had received an Oscar nomination for “Working Girl” when she turned down the role that may have propelled her into even more nominations
Bruce Willis
Ironically, Willis thought playing this type of role would hurt his career, yet he found success doing it a few years later
Will Smith
Smith has said the actor who got the role was perfect for it, which doesn’t necessarily mean he has no regrets for passing on this sci-fi franchise
Sarah Polley
An idealistic and very talented Polley walked away from a film that might have made her famou
Jake Gyllenhaal
Gyllenhaal flexed his pecs in a certain film and turned down one of the biggest hits in movie history
Henry Winkler
Afraid of being typecast in his “Fonzie” persona, the Ivy League alum turned down a movie that premiered the same year he received a Ph.D. from another New England school.
Bette Midler
The role was reportedly written for Midler, yet she turned it down, quipping, “My fans don’t want to see me in a wimple.”
Tom Hanks
You could say he’s done all right for himself, but you have to wonder: If offered a do-over, would Hanks turn down a pooch film instead of this classic?
Denzel Washington
Washington thought it was too dark a film for him, but upon seeing the final version, he reportedly said, “Oh, shoot.”