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+Actors playing musicians. Penn Badgley was recently cast for the leading role in this singer-songwriter's biopic. The attention Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges received for portraying a country singer in 2009's "Crazy Heart" will help propel sales of his new debut album. When actors get a chance to play musicians on the big screen, many turn it in to the performance of his or her life. Here is a look at some particularly memorable ones.

Jeff Bridges
His heartfelt performance in this movie as a broken-down, alcoholic musician — a film inspired a real country singer's life — earned Jeff Bridges an Oscar. He is taking his talent from screen to studio and will release a debut album this summer.
Jamie Foxx
The task of bringing this legendary musician to life netted Jamie Foxx an Oscar. He has since launched a singing career in addition to his acting work
Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning
Actresses Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning tapped into their inner rockers to portray the teenage girls in this rock band. The movie, released last year, followed the band's brief stint in the music business.
Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer received critical acclaim for his haunting portrayal of the tumultuous life of this iconic singer-songwriter in an early '90s biopic
Sissy Spacek
Sissy Spacek did all her own singing in her Academy Award-winning depiction of the life and journey of this country star. The movie was nominated for seven Oscars in 1981.
Adrien Brody
The celebrated performance by Adrien Brody as a Jewish musician in war-torn Poland earned him an Academy Award for this movie
Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix tackled the role of playing a country music legend, doing all his own singing. His co-star in the movie was this celebrity, who netted an Oscar for her performance
Beyoncé & Jennifer Hudson
Pop diva Beyoncé teamed up with former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson to offer rousing performances in this movie, which was loosely based on a hit '60s band. One of the two earned an Academy Award for her work
Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid took on a role depicting a legendary rockabilly in this big-screen biography, and will get in the rock-and-roll mood again for his new movie.
Marion Cotillard
French actress Marion Cotillard is one of only two women to receive an Academy Award for a subtitled film, the rags-to-riches story of this French songstress
Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips' breakthrough role was in a '80s movie about a Mexican-American singer who enjoyed early musical success before his untimely death
Jessica Lange
The life of one of the first great country music stars is explored in this biopic, which benefitted from the acting talents of Jessica Lang
Gary Busey
This movie garnered early critical acclaim for Gary Busey, who has performed in more than 100 movies. His did his own singing in the film, which earned an Oscar.

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