Beautiful pictures of America Old Dogs
American Nancy Levine for 8 years, traveled across America and taking pictures of old dogs. Itself the owner of two aging dogs, Nancy gradually "chosen" by that age, when she began to think about death and the fragility and temporality of earthly existence. Watching the dogs, Nancy noticed that deprived human fear of the inevitable and the ability to plan, the dogs just wake up every morning and live another day. "We are constantly thinking about the past, that we could change, we think about the future, what will happen to us. The dog also lives in the present. " Cody, 17, of Montana. Lulu at 5 and 15 years, Mercer Island, Washington. Gussie Sue, 15 years old, Montana. Bribie, 21-year-Nani, 19 years old. Ralston, Wyoming. Abby, age 9, Washington. Ciampi, 9 years old. City of Butte County, South Dakota. Carly, 16. Ralston, Wyoming. safecracker, 17, of Heppner, Oregon. Natasha, Mary, 15 years Billings, Montana. Cecilia, 12, Baltimore, Maryland. Jake, 16, Hoggins, Texas. Rosie, aged 13, Haylil Florida. Buttons, 15, Bloomfield, New Jersey. Amy, 18, ​​Charlotte, North Carolina. Carly, age 14, Kanab, Utah. Joey, age 9. Hawthorne, New Jersey. Mason, 12 years old and Bailey, 12, Cle Elum, Washington. Valley, aged 14, Ferryden, Louisiana. Ratzu, 21, Vashon Island, Washington. June, 16, Sandwich, Massachusetts. Cooper, 15, New York. Springfazer, 15, Kenab, Utah. Lady, 15, Salt Lake City, Utah. Ginger, 12, Devils Tower, Wyoming. Henke, 13, Rettlsneyk Lake, Washington. Susie, 12, Fargo, Oklahoma. Susie, 10, Natches, Mississippi. Meg, 16, Juneau, Alaska. Pupp, 14, New York. Biscuit, 13, Hallett, Wyoming . Picasso, 17, of Charleston, South Carolina. Rocky, age 9, Juneau, Alaska.