The festival Woodward Dream Cruise
weekend in the U.S. The festival Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place in the outskirts of Detroit and is annually one of the highlights of the American automobile .

Its history dates back to this avtofestival 1995, when a group of volunteers led by Nelson House has decided to raise money for the restoration of a football field in town Fernandeyl in Michigan and to this festival in memory of a time "when the cars and the music was real", and Highway M-1 Michigan State Highway, better known as Woodward Avenue was one of the main highways USA. GM, Ford and Chrysler-"Big Three" - all of them are closely related to Woodward Avenue . In the era of classic cars, cars, auto industry who later became legends, among them: Pontiac GTO, Chrysler cars with motors and a variety of options Hemi Mustang, was tested at this track. The success of the festival was fantastic - the number of visitors is 10 times higher than expected and amounted to 250 000 people.

Today, Woodward Dream Cruise to collect half a million people coming to look at the 40,000 classic cars and hot delivery all over the U.S. and the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the former Soviet Union.