Jay Cutler And Kristin Cavallari Are Returning The Wedding Gifts You Sent Them, With Dainty Notes In Some Cases

Previously, we brought you the story of some Deadspin readers who bought gifts for Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari off their wedding registry. Then we told you that the Bears QB dumped Cavallari. Here comes the fallout, courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

Tipster Taylor, who calls himself a "die-hard Packer fan," says he bought the putative Cutlers the cheese-related gifts they desired: A cheese slate and a hard cheese knife, whatever that might be. (We slice our Velveeta with our fingers, thank you). And he attached a note to his gift.

He writes,
Perfect. I had visions of the future Mr. & Mrs. Cutler gleefully tearing open my gift. For the rest of their happily wedded lives, whenever they consumed cheese, whether with famous friends, or quietly alone in the dark watching reruns of The Hills or California Gold, it would be at the hands of a Packer fan.

Mind you, I had no intentions of using this as an opportunity to tear into Mr. Cutler like some of the ill-behaved Packer Nation. I wrote a genuinely nice card, and wished them luck, as I am about to get married in a few months and know how this stuff works. And anyways, true Packers reserve their hatred for the Vikings. And Favre. I respect our historic rivalry with the Bears.
Accordingly, one appreciative half (probably Kristin, no?) of the should-have-been Cutlers appended a curlicued note to Taylor's gift-return card, making it unlike those that have been going around. Deadspin reader Ryan received no appended note, either, as his highball glasses were returned.

So, what kind of message could Taylor have written to inspire the note from Kristin or Jay?