TV's funniest women

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TV's funniest women
TV's funniest women. On the 100th anniversary of comedy legend Lucille Ball's birth, we take a look at some of the funniest women ever to light up the small screen.

Bea Arthur
Her early career as a stage actress prepared her for a larger-than-life performance on the small screen in this '70s hit, and later as a part of the "Golden Girls" ensemble.
Lucille Ball
The famous redhead was a television trailblazer and popular big-screen actress before the time of her death
Roseanne Barr
The "domestic goddess" has reinvented herself several times since starring in her own television show in the '80s. Her latest incarnation is a Lifetime channel reality TV show.
Joy Behar
The well-known comedienne came to fame on the daytime hit "The View" and now has her own talk show
Candice Bergen
The former fashion model had movie roles before winning over TV audiences with the straight-talking newscaster character "Murphy Brown"
Carol Burnett
Her comic genius, trademark Tarzan yell and brilliant co-stars made her variety show a classic for more than a decade.
Margaret Cho
She cracks wise about sexuality, race and other hot topics during her standup routines, and she's also an author and musician who has appeared in two highly rated television shows in the past year
Ellen DeGeneres
After an early controversial moment in her career, she has settled into a role as the likable, funny host of a popular talk show who loves to put on her dancing shoes
Phyllis Diller
The comic legend with zany looks and a distinctive cackle is still making news with a new Smithsonian exhibit that showcases her joke file and other career artifacts.
Tina Fey
The star of "30 Rock" found fame on "Saturday Night Live", but she has also had a successful film career and wrote a funny book. She announced in April that baby No. 2 is on the way.
Janeane Garofalo
After emerging from the standup comedy scene in the '80s, Garofalo earned Emmy nominations for her role on "The Larry Sanders Show." She joined "Saturday Night Live" and later, "The West Wing," and has had a film career that included a lead in the 2007 animated Pixar hit
Estelle Getty
The diminutive, wisecracking mother to Bea Arthur in the popular '80s era sit-com "The Golden Girls," had a respected stage career before moving to Hollywood, where she earned an Emmy for her portrayal of Sofia.
Whoopi Goldberg
She's outspoken and funny, and found acclaim as a dramatic actress after starting out as a stand-up comedian she's also a talk show host who isn't afraid to mix it up with her co-hosts and guests.
Kathy Griffin
The star of "My Life on the D-List" takes no prisoners in her cutting comedy whether on stage or with her now-famous mom.
Chelsea Handler
The best-selling author, a bawdy blonde and late-night television favorite, dated a famous rapper. Handler is working on a new sitcom.
Cloris Leachman
The Emmy and Oscar-winning actress has had many memorable comedic roles – she starred in "Young Frankenstein," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and its spinoff, "Phyllis" -- but she also stays busy with dramatic parts and even did a recent stint on "Dancing With the Stars"
A popular stand-up comedian, the plus-sized diva achieved national fame for her role in a situation comedy, then won acclaim and awards for a villainous role in the movie "Precious"
Mary Tyler Moore
She turned the world on with her smile, after charming audiences as Rob Petrie's wife Laura
Joan Rivers
With her acerbic wit and well-known catchphrase she's one of the most enduring female comedians, and she's found a niche as a snarky, tell-it-like-it-is member of E!'s "Fashion Police"
Sarah Silverman
After a short time as a cast member and writer with "Saturday Night Live," she went on to fame tackling taboo subjects in her stand up video diary, "Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic", and now stars in her own comedy show for Comedy Central.
Wanda Sykes
The sassy, Emmy Award-winning comedian has made a name for herself in stand up, situation comedies and movies
Lily Tomlin
One of the breakout stars of the '70s hit "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In," with characters like Ernestine the telephone operator and a little girl named Edith Ann, she went on to create more memorable characters in movies and on stage.
Betty White
She's never really gone out of fashion, but has found new-found popularity with a recent appearance on "Saturday Night Live" and a new sitcom role.

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