1st European Championship of carving
In the German city of Leipzig was carving European Championship, which brought together the best artists of this rather new form of culinary art, ready to impress the judges for its masterpieces of pumpkins, cucumbers and other vegetables and fruits. 
 Vegetable sculptor Vadim Nefed'ev quits eagle at the first European Championship in carving in Leipzig, Germany.

 Carving contest held as part of the gastronomic fair "Gaeste" for representatives of the restaurant, hotel and food business. 
 For four hours the contestants need to cut in front of the jury present works of art from the melon, papaya, cabbage, cucumber, radish, carrots and Chinese cabbage.
 Each participant provided a basket of melons, papaya, cauliflower, cucumbers, radishes, Chinese cabbage and carrots. Participants also should bring a pumpkin. 
 Art of carving first appeared in China, but over the last few years it has become quite popular in Europe.
 Pingvinchik eggplant and carrots. 
 In the future, competition will be held every two years in different places.
 A masterpiece of mango
 A masterpiece of melon depicting Vikingn.
 German master carving Winfried Karras for his work entitled "Asian beauty". The work is carved from a watermelon.
 Two beautiful frogs of cucumbers and carrots.
 Russian master carving Anastasia Korsakova does the final touches on his work during his first European Championship in Leipzig carving