Unusual statue of the world
Original sculptures and amazing monuments placed all around the world.traveling to other cities and countries, do not miss the amazing designs of the local architecture and sculpture. Among the many traditional and historical monuments are found very original statue, the creation of which the sculptors and artists do not limit themselves to any formality and standards. Monuments, jokes, statues, protests and daring design experiments decorate streets, parks and squares of cities in the world. Monument to Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia
This monument raised in honor of the first head of the district, "Port Phillip" and the governor of the settlement "Victoria". Why Trobe standing on his head for sure no one knows. A device for the eradication of evil, Calgary, Canada Author - American painter and sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. Red light wood, London, England

Monument by the French sculptor Pierre Vivani in 1999. The original tree height of 8 meters consists of 75 traffic lights. The figure with skull, Prague, Czech Republic