Creative gizmos post

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Creative gizmos post
Useful and practical design solutions that not only decorate, but also greatly simplify the life. Part 2 with carpet slippers
Candle with matches

Easy to store. No need to search.

Hours Magnet

With the icons instead of numbers important things.


Serving trolley conveniently "hides" inside the structure bedside table.


Ladder rack
Belt and measuring tape
Electrical cord
Support for knives
Electrical cord
Capacity to the detergent
Sticks with a spoon

One appliance and for the first course, and for the second.
Toilet paper holder

With a glass pens and pencils.
Scissors for green
Door for a game of ping-pong
Ironing board with mirror
For a plate of mini-buffet
Kettle for tea

Stand for shoes

Ladder rack

Mug with spigot

If you keep the cover in a secret place, your mug like no one can take advantage of.

Bench equipped with a handle, which we replace the rotating part of the wet dry.

Cutlery on caps

Functionality of caps to allow ordinary office pen has quietly without interruption from the desktop.

Shelf for bathroom

Shelf for comfortable hanging out in the bathroom.

It is easy to find and mark the edge of the cut.