60 Years Later, Elderly Man Repays Sears for Petty Theft
60 Years Later, Elderly Man Repays Sears for Petty Theft, An elderly man who stole cash from a department store sixty years ago has repaid the money, with interest.

The pensioner hand delivered a note addressed to ‘Sears manager’ to a customer service counter on the second floor of the Seattle department store yesterday.
Inside the envelope was a note and a $100 bill.

It read: 'During the late 40s I stole money from the cash register in the amount of $20 or $30. I want to pay you back in the amount of $100 to put in your theft account.'

Manager Gary Lorentson told KING-TV he thinks the man's conscience ‘has been bothering him for the past 60 years’.

It is now known if the man worked in the store during that time or stole the money as a shopper.
Although security cameras recorded the man dropping his letter off, Sears officials said they do not know who he is and they will not release the video.
The store plans to put the money toward helping needy families in the holiday season.

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