Gary Speed dies suicide

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Gary Speed dies suicide
Gary Speed dies suicide, Sadly, Gary Speed has died. The Wales soccer manager was found dead at his London home Sunday from hanging. Suicide is thought to be a cause of death, as police did not rule it as a homicide, accidental, or natural death.

While the Football Association of Wales gave word of Speed's death, it did not provide details on the coach’s sudden passing, according to Sports Illustrated.

However, based on an update by The Telegraph, Gary Speed was found dead in his Chester home Sunday with some form of ligature around his neck. Because police report there were no were "no suspicious circumstances surrounding Speed's death," suicide is a likely cause of death.

Long before he died at 42, the Wales football coach of 11-months was a formidable midfielder for Newcastle, Everton, and Leed. He was known for his drive, physical fitness, mental game, and contributions to his country.

For some time before Speed took over as the Wales soccer manager, it was known that he was the man for the job.

He brought 20-years of experience to the football club after John Toshack resigned as coach. He rapidly became known for his focus on youth and playing from the side. He parlayed his experience and the buy-in from the team to win 5 of 10 matches.

Gary Speed died, but his legacy was not just about the game of soccer in Wales. He inspired his country to be great, to take part in charity, and to rally around family and fun. In fact, last year, Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II presented him with the Member of the British Empire award during her yearly Birthday Honors. She did this for his contributions to the sport, and to the country he loved dearly.

Hopefully, the family learns about the cause of death soon in order to have some closure.