Kirstie Alley to dance for 100 days
Kirstie Alley to dance for 100 days_ DWTS inspired Kirstie Alley to shed pounds like never before. The former Cheers star has struggled with her weight issues for years, which has obviously caused Kirstie Alley much pain and shame. Can Americans (especially women) not be happy with the body they have? Nope! They can't.

After appearing on DWTS, Alley shed 100 pounds since March. Of course, the actress practiced a "healthy new diet and focusing on a strict exercise regimen." Good for her!

Now Kirstie Alley is excited to start 100 consecutive days of dance, which will start with the New Year on January 1st of 2012. It is a great idea to share her new-found love of dance with America during this 100 days of dance. She is hoping that others will join her. Will you?

Kirstie Alley spoke about her dancing vision. She stated, "I'm trying to start a grass-roots movement and I hope you all join in. I'm doing a hundred days of dance, starting on January 1. What you do is you join in, and whether you dance for 30 minutes or an hour, you dance for 100 consecutive days."

Sound good? You can certainly gather your friends or dance alone, but this idea of dancing yourself fit is a great idea. Will Americans be able to handle the 100 days of dance with Kirstie Alley? It remains to be seen, but hopefully they will join her.

Alley also said enthusiastically, "And I'll video myself dancing, like, for five or 10 minutes, and I'll hold a newspaper up so that you can see the date... so you know I'm not cheating. I want everybody in the world to join in on this. It's a fun way to stay fit."

Honestly...does anyone really care that Kirstie Alley is thoroughly following the 100 days of dance? Not really. Should people join in with her? Absolutely! But holding up a newspaper for proof of 100 days of dance seems excessively unnecessary. Is the actress trying to hold herself accountable with the video and newspaper? Maybe.

source:  gather