Staples dunder mifflin overpriced p aper 34.99 a carton
Staples Dunder Mifflin Overpriced Paper 34.99 a Carton, Store to sell Dunder Mifflin paper, Dunder Mifflin: Dunder Mifflin Paper For Sale at Staples.

Dunder Mifflin is no longer just a fictional company from popular TV show “The Office.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Staples and Comcast have teamed up to produce a line of paper stock named after the Scranton-based paper company where the characters from “The Office” are employed. The line will sell on Staples’ through January.

Quill’s chief marketing officer Sergio Pereira told the Journal that copy-paper sales are down due to the growing use of email and PDFs, and they hope that the Dunder Mifflin product will attract consumers and combat the “race to the bottom in the paper business.”

Comcast is the parent company of broadcaster NBC, who has been airing “The Office” for the past seven and a half seasons. As part of the deal NBCUniversal will get approximately 6 percent of the revenue from the Dunder Mifflin paper sales, the Journal reported. The “reverse product placement” deal can be extended if sales targets are met. dunder mifflin paper sale, 'the office' staples, staples dunder mifflin overpriced paper 34.99 a carton, dunder mifflin paper sale

The paper packages will include slogans that fans of the show can appreciate, including “Our motto is, Quabity First” and “Get Your Scrant on.” The paper costs $34.99 a carton.