Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal avoided a run-in Friday night at a private Oscar party in Beverly Hills, but they couldn't escape each other on Oscar Sunday.

As some of you may have heard, the exes were seen "talking intensely" at Vanity Fair's lavish after-party.

So was it a friendly, flirty convo?

Not exactly...

While it's unclear exactly what was hashed out, we're told from sources inside it looked like it was mostly Taylor talking, or rather "venting."

"Neither of them looked angry," adds the spying partygoer. "It just looked like they had some things to get off their chests. Let's just say it didn't look like a flirty chat."

They had security around them making sure they weren't bothered, and most importantly, not photographed.

As we reported after Gyllenhaal's Swift breakup, Jake was very overwhelmed at the sudden high-profile romance he got himself in—and got himself right back out.

He was not ready to be burned a la Reese Witherspoon again, ya follow?

Still, we're assured by sources close to Gyllenhaal he was a "total gentleman" when he ended things with Swift.
"He was hurt by reports that said he just decided to drop her like that," a pal close to Jake tells us. "That wasn't the case. He just knew this wasn't a relationship he wanted to be in so why drag it out?"

When we discussed the possibility Jake and Taylor could have been talking at the Vanity Fair do about giving their relationship another chance, our Jake source replied:

"Definitely not."

We doubt Taylor would take him back, anyway! If you haven't noticed, Ms. T. does hold grudges in her song lyrics about ex boyfriends.

We just hope Swift got whatever closure she needed Sunday night. Girlfriend's too cute to be sad!

And since it appears T. is moving on with Glee cutie Chord Overstreet, we doubt she's crying into her Prince of Persia action figure. Hardly.

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