Famous epitaphs

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Famous epitaphs
Even though the personalities presented in this article died, a good epitaph written on the tombstones makes them unforgettable. Below are the most unusual and famous epitaphs monuments in the entire world.
1. Mel Blanc: That's all folks!
He was probably the best known voice of all time, interpreting characters like Sylvester the Cat, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam or Porky Pig. When she died due to heart disease in 1989 at 81, this epitaph response became the very famous at that time.
2. Spike Milligan: "I told you I was sick".
This epitaph for the Irish Gaelic comedian translates as "I told you I was sick". Milligan, who died of an accidental rupture of the liver in 2002 at age 83, was famous for its humor in TV shows and movies such as Monty Python's Life of Brian.
3. Joan Hackett: Go away - I'm asleep.
The actress appeared on numerous television shows like "Bonanza" or "The Twilight Zone." Unfortunately, she died in 1983 of cancer, at the age of 49. Her epitaph monument note was copied from the note that appeared on her door when she did not want to be disturbed.
4. Rodney Dangerfield: There Goes the Neighborhood.
Comedian and actor Rodney Dangerfield died in 2004 because of severe heart complications at the age of 82. The epitaph fits with his most famous phrase "I don't get no respect."
5. Rudolph van Ceulen: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288...
A life's work van Ceulen Rudolph, who died of unknown causes in 1610, was to calculate the value of pi. He was so proud of what he got that he asked for his discovery to be engraved on his tomb. His epitaph monument is definitely the most famous in the world of calculus.
6. John Yeast: Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon me for not rising.
Historical data tells nothing about the death of John Yeast. Not even about his profession. Some can only believe he was a baker.
7. Jack Lemmon: Jack Lemmon in...
Actor in "Some Like It Hot, The Odd Coulpe and Grumpy Old Men", he has died of cancer in 2001 at the age of 76.
8. Hank Williams: I`ll never get out of this world alive.
The title inscribed on the tombstone of the famous country singer is the name of a well-known song he used to perform.
9. Dee Dee Ramone: "Ok... I Gotta go now".
Punk rock bassist in The Ramones, he died of an overdose in 2002 at the age of 49. His epitaph refers to a band's hit called "Let` s go."
In conclusion, epitaphs monuments are a great way of remembering celebrities and the message is chosen in such a way that their memory remains alive for years and years.

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