Highest paid women

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Highest-Paid Women in America

  On the heels of its 2009 Most Powerful Women list, Fortune has compiled another of the best compensated females in the corporate world. The top 10 for 2008:
  1. Safra Katz, president, Oracle: $42.4 million
  2. Linda Chen, president, Wynn International Marketing: $23.9 million
  3. Sharen Turney, president and CEO, Victoria's Secret: $20.3 million
  4. Wellington Denahan-Norris, chief investment officer, Annaly Capital Management: $20 million
  1. Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO, Avon: $19.5 million
  2. Ann Livermore, executive VP, Hewlett-Packard: $17.3 million
  3. Irene Rosenfeld, chairman and CEO, Kraft: $16 million
  4. Candice Bagby, former senior executive VP, Regions Financial: $15.2 million, including severance
  5. Patricia Woertz, chairman and CEO, Archer Daniels Midland: $15 million
  6. Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO, PepsiCo: $14.9 million