Soulja Boy's reps are denying reports that the "Crank That" rapper bought himself an extravagant 21st birthday present. While those rumors may not be true, the following rich and famous folks have been known to lay down serious cash on big-ticket items.
Gilbert Arenas
The Orlando Magic guard's big-ticket purchases – which included a high-dollar train set for his kids and shark grotto – were revealed during a messy breakup.
Victoria Beckham
The former Spice Girl and world's most famous WAG has been known to show off her gold-plated iPhone.
The pop diva had to order her music mogul hubby's 41st birthday present – a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – a year in advance.
Mark Cuban
The outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks set the world record for the largest electronic-commerce transaction when he bought a Gulfstream V jet in 1999. How did he respond to criticism of private jets?
Paris Hilton
The socialite known for her pampered pooches spared no expense when it came to her dogs' 300-square-foot replica of her own mansion.
Lady Gaga
The eccentric singer reportedly spent a ton of cash on an EMF detector because she thought a ghost was following her on tour.
Chad Ochocinco
The attention-seeking NFL wide receiver and reality TV star gave himself a big rig for his 32nd birthday.
Steven Spielberg
The Oscar-winning director acquired a piece of movie history when he bought the famous sled from "Citizen Kane."
Mike Tyson
The ex-convict and former boxer – who not surprisingly filed for bankruptcy in 2003 – bought his first wife one of the world's most expensive bathtubs.

Paul Allen
The Microsoft co-founder's 416-foot yacht reportedly boasts two helicopter pads, a recording studio, a basketball court, a movie theater and its own submarine. What fast-flying toy did he recently buy?