Famous people who have forgiven
Today is International Forgiveness Day , a time to put aside grievances and bury the hatchet. But are some offenses too serious to excuse? Find out who turned the other cheek and who still carries a grudge.

Jennifer Aniston
Her former husband divorced her in 2005 and was swiftly romantically linked to his co-star.
Rais Bhuyian
In 2001, a white supremacist, who attacked convenient stores with the intent of killing "Arabs," shot Bhuyian, blinding him in his right eye.
Ronald Cotton
In 1984, Jennifer Thompson testified that then-22-year-old Cotton had sexually assaulted her and he was sentenced to life in prison. In 1995, DNA test results proved he was wrongly accused.
Kyle Doss & Frank McBride
During a 2006 stand-up comedy act, former sitcom star Michael Richards shouted a string of racial slurs at these two heckling audience members. The event made headlines, and Richards later issued a public apology.
Kai Leigh Harriott
At age 3, Kai was left paralyzed by a stray bullet fired outside her home. She faced the accused shooter in court two years later.
Rodney King
King was beaten by four LAPD officers in 1991, and the incident became national news after a bystander caught it on tape.
Lucy Magnum
Magnum, 6, was attacked by a shark while playing in shallow water. Find out how she was injured.
Shaquille O'Neal
O'Neal stated that infidelity rumors spread by a former teammate were what led his wife to divorce him.
Tyler Perry
Director Spike Lee expressed disdain for Perry's work, which includes theatrical productions, films and TV shows .
Rutgers women's basketball team
A radio talk show host made derogatory on-air comments about the team members in 2007, for which he later apologized.
Jenny Sanford
Sanford's husband, at the time the governor of this state, disappeared for five days in the summer of 2009. It was later revealed that he had left the country to visit his mistress.
Kia Scherr
In 2008, this Virginia woman lost her husband and 13-year-old daughter to foreign terrorist attacks .
Maria Shriver
The former first lady of California learned that her husband had been unfaithful, fathering a child with the family's housekeeper .
Carter Strange
A group of eight teens randomly attacked 18-year-old Strange as he was jogging home from a friend's house  last June. See how he was injured.
Mashonda Tifrere
The R&B singer's  DJ husband and father of her son ended their marriage amid rumors of his relationship with a Grammy-winning artist  whom he soon married.