College band suspended after death

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College band suspended after death
College band suspended after death_ Florida A&M University says the death of a student in the university's famous marching band was linked to hazing and suspended all performances amid an investigation, CNN reported Tuesday.
The announcement came three days after Robert Champion, a 26-year-old drum major, died on Saturday night following a game.

A spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office said in a statement posted on the University's website that "after the game, the band returned to the Rosen Plaza Hotel and the victim reportedly threw up in the parking lot and started complaining of not being able to breathe."

At the time, investigators had said there was no reason to suspect foul play.

Investigators quickly found that hazing may have been involved in the incident the Orange County Sheriff told CNN on Tuesday.

Florida A&M president James Ammons announced Tuesday that all activities relating to the band would be suspended, until at least the investigation is concluded.

Ammons said an independent task force would be created to look at the "unauthorized and questionable" actions of the 375-person band, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

According to the Sentinel, hazing is nothing new with the storied band.

FAMU Band Director Julian White told the newspaper that he has dismissed more than two dozen band members because of possible hazing incidents recently.

It was not clear if he knew exactly what had happened in Champion's death.

But he said in a statement that Champion had a bright future.

"He was a very fine drum major who was of excellent character and very trustworthy. I had not told him yet, but he was slated to be the head drum major next year."

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