Steve Jobs biopic

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Steve Jobs biopic
Steve Jobs biopic_ George Clooney is up for the role of the late Steve Jobs in a planned biopic, according to a report.
Clooney is said to be vying with former ER costar Noah Wyle for the role, according to Now Magazine in the U.K. The article did not cite any sources for the claim.
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Since Jobs died on Oct. 6, there has been chatter about making a movie to profile his life. Sony is planning a cinematic adaptation of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio, according to The Los Angeles Times, which reported that Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin was among a short list of screenwriters being recruited for the project.
Wyle, as some readers may recall, played Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley, a movie that aired on TNT in 1999. As the video below demonstrates, he also memorably stood in for Jobs at the opening of Macworld that year.

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