Tofu blast mystery

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Tofu blast mystery
Tofu blast mystery_ Investigators in Portland are baffled as to how cleaning a tofu pan could spark a blast which resulted in a substantial damage to a building. Fire fighters say a woman suffered minor injuries to the hand after a mystery spark broke the window of her house.

The damage caused by the blast is estimated to be about $15,000. The woman told the investigators from the fire department that she was cleaning a pan that she had cooked tofu in when suddenly she saw a spark. The spark totally knocked out the window in the house sending it to the street below. The incident happened on Sunday and officials are grateful that there were no major injuries because the 4-by-6-foot window that was thrown to the street could have caused substantial damage.

Fire Bureau spokesman Paul Corah told reporters that the 25-year-old woman said she was rinsing the pan when the incident happened. Curiously the officials say they did not see any evidence of fire when they checked the scene. The investigators have also ruled out the involvement of natural gas.

The Portland fire department says they have contacted other fire departments to help them unravel the mystery.

source: thaindian