Weirdest fashion trends 
When Lady Gaga appeared on stage in a dress made entirely of raw meat last year, you would have been forgiven for thinking the fashion world couldn't get much weirder. Well, think again.
Making Gaga's steak dress look positively tame, this year a designer by the name of Rachel Freire created something even odder: a dress made of 3,000 yak and cow nipples.
Elsewhere in wacky fashion and beauty trends, we've been sticking crazy coloured lip transfers on our lips, intricate paper art on our eyelashes, and snakeskin on our fingernails... Read on for the weird and wonderful trends 2011 had to offer.


YAK NIPPLE DRESS: Designer Rachel Friere sparked controversy when she unveiled a dress made from 3,000 yak and cow nipples. Critics called the nipple collection 'sickening and repulsive'

NUDIE FROCK AND URINAL DRESS: Design label The Rodnik Band had the blogosphere a-buzz with these creations crafted entirely from sequins. Not one for the office party...

ADULTS WEARING CARTOON CLOTHING: A Toy Story 3 clothing collection was the result of a collaboration by Hong Kong label Bossini and Pixar. RIGHT: In the ultimate show of devotion, Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka’s wife wears an Angry Birds dress. Our verdict? No one over the age of nine should wear anything printed with eyes, ears or beaks

HAIR NECKLACE: Jeweller Kerry Howley wanted to challenge people's natural aversion to discarded hair. On the head, hair is a source of attraction, she says. Off, it's a source of aversion. Kerry says she wanted to see if she could make discarded hair attractive again Jeweller Kerry Howley wanted to challenge people's natural aversion to discarded hair

FREAKY BIKINIS: Model Kristin Cavallari said this glass bikini cut into her skin when she modelled it for Diesel. No kidding! Elsewhere, the Jwoww of Jersey Shores fame designed a gravity-defying bikini. Nice

SOLAR-POWERED BIKINI: This two-piece will charge up your MP3 or phone as you lie in the sun. Just remember not to dive in with your iPod still attached

CRAZY HEADGEAR: Lady Gaga gets her own section, such is the eccentricity of her hat collection. Headgear was big news in 2011, with everything from pillbox hats to trilbies back in vogue. Gaga is the only one wild enough to wear these creations, however

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