Stars' Surprising Medical Revelations, Celebs' medical issues---The stars Health surprising revelations: Afar, it's easy to assume that celebrities live worry-free lives. But like everyone else, they face the risk of coming down with all sorts of illnesses.

Kim Kardashian
The paparazzi go nuts at the sight of Kardashian, who makes a living showing off the goods, so imagine how upset she was when she discovered pinkish spots on her leg. At first she thought it was ringworm, but adermatologist broke the news that it was a skin disease her mother also suffers from. Kim kardashian psoriasis, Kim kardashian psoriasis

Venus Williams
Williams withdrew from the U.S. Open last year due to joint problems and soon discovered she had a disorder that occurs when white blood cells attack the body's moisture-producing glands. Luckily, doctors caught it early and she's healing well these days. Venus williams sjogren's syndrome, Venus williams mcphail, Venus williams sony ericsson
Serena Williams
It was an all-around rough 2011 for the Williams sisters, and Serena joined Venus with medical issues when she was hospitalized in February for a blood clot in her lung. Williams tweeted, "my day could not get any worse" on the day she was hospitalized, but actually, it got worse before it got better. Serena williams pulmonary embolism, Serena williams tennis, Serena williams oscars
Shannen Doherty
She was good at playing the mean girl, and in 1999 Doherty revealed that she had a disease that would turn anyone into a Shannen Doherty-type character. The illness causes abdominal pain, diarrhea and other less common symptoms like rashes, arthritis and lack of concentration. For the most part, Doherty has kept quiet about her struggle. Shannen doherty crohn's disease, Shannen doherty couples therapy
Demi Lovato
After a meltdown in 2010, Lovato was sent into treatment for a number of issues, including bipolar disorder. On her road to recovery, she spoke out about another ailment that affects many teenage girls and boys. She wrote in Seventeen that this disorder stems "from feelings of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety or, in my case, being teased." Demi lovato eating disorder, Demi lovato breakdown
Toni Braxton
When she was starring in "Aida" on Broadway, Braxton went to the doctor for what she thought was exhaustion, but discovered it was something a bit more serious. She was shocked and disappointed at the news, but has since kicked her late-night pizza habits in order to help her situation. Toni braxton pericarditis, Toni braxton dating
Christina Applegate
After a routine checkup in 2008, Applegate, at just 36 years old, got a call from the doctor with some life-changing news. She had a disease that her mother also suffered from, and even though they caught it early, she'd have to act fast. She was quiet about it at first, but has since become an awareness spokesperson to encourage regular doctor checkups. Christina applegate breast cancer, Christina applegate fights breast cancer, Celebrities with breast cancer
Pam Anderson
In 2002, Pamela Anderson announced she got this serious liver disease from sharing a tattoo needle with ex-husband Tommy Lee. Granted, this came in the middle of a heated custody battle, but Anderson, nonetheless, underwent outpatient treatment for the disease at UCLA Medical Center. Good thing she got it taken care of, because in some cases, this illness can lead to death. Pamela anderson hepatitis c, Pamela anderson without makeup, Pamela anderson dating
Montel Williams
"The only thing that has helped me stay alive is working out every day," Williams told USA Today of his debilitating disease. He was diagnosed in 1999 and has since written books and done numerous charity events to help fight the disease, which attacks the myelin sheaths that surround and protect nerve cells. Montel williams multiple sclerosis, Montel williams snowboarding, Montel williams book
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Being super opinionated and sparking controversy on "The View" is not a symptom of the disease she suffered from after a trip to Central America in 1997. After experiencing cramps, indigestion, diarrhea and fatigue she was wrongly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Later, however, doctors discovered it was something else, and she's since written a book about it. Alisabeth hasselbeck celiac disease, Elisabeth hasselbeck book, Elisabeth hasselbeck condo
Glen Campbell
In 2011, the 75-year-old singer went public with a disease mainly because his family didn't want the public to think he was drinking or on drugs if he forgot a line or two while onstage. This year he won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys, but the biggest achievement is his ability to continue to perform with his usual charisma. Glen campbell alzheimers disease, Glen campbell farewell tour
In 2009, Prince revealed that his eccentric personality developed as a cover-up for an illness he's had since childhood. He was teased in school when he'd suffer episodes surrounding the disease, but with his parents' help -- and a nod to the man upstairs -- he says he's handled it the best he can. Prince epilepsy, Adele prince album
Julianne Moore
Who would have thought texting her friends and family too much would cause Moore to develop an illness causing lingering pain in her hand, wrist and fingers? The pain kicked in, and she immediately saw a doctor, who helped her out and probably advised her to do more talking and less typing. Julianne moore carpal tunnel, Julianne moore sarah palin, Julianne moore sarah palin
Sally Field
In 2005 Field was diagnosed with a disorder for which there are often no symptoms until you experience a bone fracture. She had it in her hip and spine and knew she was a target for the disease because of her age, size and family history. Fans like her -- they really like her -- so she's become an excellent spokesperson for medication, prevention and awareness of the disease. Sally field osteoporosis
Camille Grammer
Some may giggle at the thought of this illness, but it affects one in five American adults, even if most people don't talk about it. Camille Grammer, though, will talk about pretty much anything. She was diagnosed with the illness in 1996 and has since done public service announcements to raise awareness. Camille grammer irritable bowel syndrome, Camille grammer custody, Camille grammer housewives return
Barry Manilow
At the end of 2011, Manilow underwent surgery to fix damage done to his hips from this illness. One thousand Las Vegas shows in seven years would do that to any performer. In the elbow, it's known as "tennis elbow," but for Manilow, we can call it Copacabana hip. Barry manilow bursitis, Barry manilow
Neve Campbell
Campbell was in ballet school when she had a breakdown at age 14, and then at 23 she was equally stressed from work, a divorce and stalkers threatening her, so she developed a disease that had her pulling her hair out. Neve campbell alopecia, Neve campbell london
Kathleen Turner
She was on the way to a meeting with her daughter's kindergarten teacher when Turner got the call from the doctor that the pain, swelling and stiffness in her joints was a debilitating disease that affects roughly 2.1 million Americans. Turner, who was diagnosed in the '90s, was told she wouldn't walk again. She's still going strong, though, and continues to raise funds to find a cure. Kathleen turner rheumatoid arthritis, Kathleen turner
Nick Jonas
It is a common misconception that only those with unhealthy eating habits carry this particular disease, and Nick Jonas is living proof that it's untrue. He craved pizza, was very thirsty, suffered from mood swings, and had to urinate all the time before he had a doctor check him out. Nick jonas diabetes, Nick jonas diabetes dog tag
Dan Aykroyd
At the age of 12, Aykroyd was diagnosed with a disease that caused him to have a nervous tic and uncontrollable grunting. These days there is medicine for this sort of thing, but back then, Aykroyd relied on a therapist for help. He also suffered from a second disease that led to hearing voices and forming odd obsessions, and while there was certainly something strange in the neighborhood, "Ghostbusters" couldn't help him. Dan aykroyd tourettes aspergers, Dan aykroyd aspergers law enforcement
Catherine Zeta-Jones
She stuck by the side of husband Michael Douglas as he battled cancer, but soon after he recovered, Zeta-Jones had to take time off from work to tend to her own health issues. As it turned out, after she checked herself into a facility due to stress, mood swings and episodes of depression, she was diagnosed with a serious disorder. Catherine zeta jones bipolar disorder, Catherine zeta jones demi lovato, Michael douglas cancer
Nick Cannon
Cannon was in and out of hospitals with kidney issues when doctors discovered that he suffered from this autoimmune disease that affects about 1.5 million Americans. He discussed his illness on "Good Morning America" and said he would be cutting back on work, and more importantly, Happy Meals. Nick cannon lupus, Nick cannon hopsitalized in aspen, Nick cannon washington
Amanda Seyfried
Fame comes with a price sometimes, and last year Seyfried admitted she had her problems dealing with it. For her, though, it went beyond the norm, as stress and anxiety led to an illness that needed professional attention. "[Therapy] has been such a great tool, and my therapist told me that I passed with flying colors, but we'll see how things go," she told Glamour of overcoming her problems. Amanda seyfried panic attacks, Celebrities with panic attacks, Amanda seyfried dating
Missy Elliott
When Elliott took some time away from the music business, fans assumed she was out of material. Truthfully, she was suffering from a serious disease that caused symptoms like dizzy spells, hair loss and mood swings. She's doing better these days, but it took radiation and other medical treatment to get her there. Missy elliott graves disease, Missy elliott comeback, Missy elliott weight loss
Diane Keaton
More common in kids, this illness can be triggered by exercise, cold air, pollen, dust mites, mold, smoke and various other examples. While Keaton has struggled with it for years, she hasn't let the illness slow her down. Diane keaton asthma, Celebrities with asthma, Diane keaton